1. Jason Garrett can take time off if he needs to, damn dude, he lost his father this year and he was jobbing through that and much more. Folks need to back off this, it means nothing and I am sure he has done what he needed to do for the bye week. Hell, if the players need time off, so do the coachs. This is not the 40's, 70's, 80/90s, etc. New era of football. If I was the owner, and my staff is not taking time off to refresh, I would threaten to fire them. Also, how you all, to include Jimmy J, know this guy isn't working while away from the office…Damn, can the dude take a break to take a shit?

  2. If he would have taken his wife out to dinner it would have lasted longer than taking his wife to a world series game that he was at for an hour. It's 2018 people….. You can work from wherever you are. I guess he didn't just fire Paul Alexander? How though? He was at a baseball game…….. πŸ™„πŸ™„

  3. You guys are taking this 100% the wrong way, sorry if I'm ignorant with this comment due to the fact I'm commenting before I watched the video. Jimmy Johnson has absolutely zero ground to talk when it comes to taking a day off. He took every Friday when he was HC to go out to a Mexican restaurant and drink. All the highly documented stuff Jimmy did as HC makes him the biggest hypocrite on this topic. If Jason Garret wants to go to a baseball game with his wife for a couple hours during a bye week, have at it. We live in 2018 guys, we can work from wherever we are at. Technology allows us to be in multiple places at one time. For everything I criticize Jason Garrett on, this is not one of them.

  4. Just like what Shannon and Skip said he was doing his job at the game. He was clapping and doing a damn good job at at.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Well… as along as everyone is all about hate for Dak I guess he feels he is covered. Everyone things Cooper is the savior. If Cooper is running the same limited route offense that Dez and others are running there will be no change.

    All the fans need to see is Dak miss player no matter whether he had time to make that through.
    One fan told me he should throw to his anticipation of the receiver getting open.

    I laughed. He forgot how that got Romo 3-5 INTs against the Bears that time because some of those were throws where he anticipated the receiver running a different route.

    It would have been awesome to see Gallup add a 97 yd TD and help us win, but the OL was not having it and Zeke and Swain had defenders there close enough to jump a route thrown to him on that safety play… IF they see it from the right angle.

    It starts at the top. I hear that a lot. So if the teams doesn't play well this coming week all I want to hear from the fans is Jason Garrett's name like we use to when we lost with Romo under him.

    This maybe just bad PR on him, but it does matter and the Titans game and this season outcome could determine his forced exit.

    I said when we lost that OL coach after 2016 we might see a difference. We did. And it is hitting us on the run and pass, but only acknowledged on the run. Hmmmm.

  6. this is like the giants boat trip! aint done shit since then!

  7. Paul Alexander is trash. I see why these so called "great" WR's were available in the off season. Garrett is still Garrett, and JJones is still JJones. I hate to say it. The Cowboys are who we thought they were

  8. Garrett heard Johnson talk about the three phases of the game for years and how important special teams is? Watching our return team on kickoffs and punt returns do you think Garrett could care less about his field position? Gee Austin is a very dangerous punt returner and look at the returns and you see Beasely probably has a many returns this year? When Bryant was our top wr he wasn't allowed to return punts after his rookie year?……… Now Beasely is our best wr and hes returning punts over Austin at times ? FIRE THE IDIOT JERRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Law a little Billy Graham and Charles Manson mixed from your speech? lol

  10. "Kellen Moore is a great player and he works hard" lol the same dialogue for every player from Garrett.

  11. It was a speech like "GREAT JOB GUYS!!!! 3-4 lets see some more!!" said the red headed MORON!!!

  12. Much ado about nothing Law. It's not what Jimmy Johnson would've done but then again it's not the 1990s either. Rules for practice and bye weeks are different. Players and coaches need a respite and they are all encouraged to go get away and spend time with family or just decompress. It's a bye week in week 7 not a bye week during first round of the playoffs.

  13. Creativity plays Saints, Rams & Patriots. Is what it Is. No results Garrett Coaching ( Dave Campos) That’s horrible. Lineahan & 1/2 pint Moore leaving after Thanksgiving Day game!

  14. Good for him. There is life beyond football! Amen.

  15. Lol it's his job not his life y'all sound dumb

  16. Atleast seat in upper deck not front and center dumb jackass. Smfh. Clapping like we 7-0.

  17. Maybe if it was a Texas team in the world series it would be acceptable but πŸ₯• has work to do

  18. GREAT POINT. No one has seen Kris Richard lol and you probably won't

  19. Did he at least find us a QB..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  20. He's apparently comfortable with where the TEAM is at 3-4 OR he knows he'll be forgiven when Dallas makes it to the SB THIS SEASON πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ‘€

  21. If the Patriots were 3- 4 and not playing well would Bill be at the gameπŸ€”NOPE

  22. If we had uh winning record and was playing well I wouldn't have no problem wit him at the baseball game. But that's not the case.Garrett gets payed millions to coach football.Hes not earning his pay check so he needs to be some where watching film or where ever DAK and Cooper are. I heard they are working on there off weekπŸ€”

  23. Spit that fire LAW NATION

  24. Law it's a big f u to the fans . Bad bad bad look team is 3 and 4 . 1 playoff win 8 years . I think law Garrett knows he's gone if he doesn't least make it to nfc title game . I believe that or he wouldn't be at world series living it up

  25. Agree with Jimmy Johnson, if we lose to Tennessee, fire Garrett immediately.

  26. Jason Garrett the Marvin Lewis of the NFC!!

  27. I don't like Garrett anyways, keep going to games! Hopefully this is his last 1 or 2 years!!!!

  28. I think it's ridiculous that everyone thinks players and coaches need to live and breathe football 24/7. Let them have a life outside of the game. However, it's not a good look when you are 3-4 and trying to get some footing in the NFC East which is ripe for the taking. You should be trying to get better.

  29. And dak tryna eat soup while at practice smh

  30. Ain’t nothing to see here,nothing but a puppet drinking a beer. He’s doing what he does,coaching to 8-8 season πŸ₯‰

  31. They way our record is setup he needs to be in the film room trying to get us a WIN ON THE ROAD IJS!!!!!!

  32. Can't speak on the others, but I sure can tell you where Garrant was 😞😞😞

  33. Jason Garret aka " The worst coach in football"

  34. So far I’d rather have Conor McGregor coach us than Garrett.

  35. Which team did he clap for? Or did he just clap every play?? 🀣


  37. Garrett needs to spend every spare moment in a film room.

  38. Looks like Jimmy Johnson also knows Jason Garrett didn't learn a damn thing when he was coaching him in the '90s. Looks like Garrett definitely learned under Berry Switzer.

  39. He sorta looks like forest gump

  40. Mabe he'll get his head out of his ass..β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

  41. Dodgers choked perfectly in Jason Garrett fashion lmao

  42. And the Dodgers general manager is the Jason Garrett of MLB. How do you pull your pitcher when he was in the zone?

  43. Yeah I knew I wasn’t the only guy who noticed that.

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