1. Kellen Moore for head coach!!😂😂😂😂

  2. I'm riding with Dak to the end

  3. Boycott the games til they bring Dez back

  4. People want Jerry to die now oh boy this thing has gotten out of control

  5. Beg Jimmy Johnson to come back lol

  6. BINGO LAW!!! What are they doing to Develop Dak?

  7. You speak the truth Law. 😃

  8. There is nothing more they can do they battlin we to predictable were laying eggs on the field dak holds the ball too long Zeke can’t do much they are stacking the box so our lineman’s job is much harder they putting the ball in our quarterback hands and saying I dare u to throw it play calling is ass Scott linehan was never the offensive coordinator tony romo was tony saw the field through experience and made the calls watch a football life by tony romo when the coach would call a dumb ass call tony would say no we are not running that to the players he would call another play why don’t y’all get it dak needs to be better

  9. Please don’t blame the lineman

  10. You’re fighting a losing battle telling Cowboys fans to lower their Qb standards

    That’s like telling a yankees fan they shouldn’t expect to be in the world series every year.

    Its just not gonna happen

  11. ⏩Jarrett Stidham (Auburn Tigers) Quarterback

    ⏩Trace McSorley (Penn State Nittany Lions) Quarterback

    ⏩Drew Lock (Missouri Tigers) Quarterback

    ⏩Jake Browning (Washington Huskies) Quarterback

    ⏩Nick Fitzgerald (Mississippi State Bulldogs) Quarterback

    ⏩Ryan Finley (North Carolina State Wolfpack) Quarterback

    ⏩Steven Montez (Colorado Buffaloes) Quarterback

    ⏩Adrian Martinez (Nebraska Cornhuskers) Quarterback

  12. If i was to bring someone in young and outside the nfl it would be dak college coach

  13. Didn't we fire Wade Phillips mid season? Don't tell me it can't be done…… its been done. In fact this may be the best time. Fire Garrett and appoint richard as acting head coach. The worst that could happen is Richard shows he can't do it either and we put that question to bed.

  14. somehow when you play for the Dallas Cowboys you get critized more than other teams yet we not America's team still B.S.

  15. Why not bring a coach in mid season. The sooner we get better coaching in the better.

  16. Kellen Moore got the job due to nepotism plane and simple. Garrett got the job the same way.

  17. Cowboys are waiting for Stephen Jones son to make him the cowboys Qb.

  18. These nfl players make millions if not millions they make 6 figures so I’m pretty sure they are okay with criticism from fans lol. They definitely need it to get better

  19. For the love God man 1995 so hard so hard

  20. Intro base be booming

  21. I'll stick with the players, but Jerry, no. I've been a fan going back to the GB ice bowl, but I will no longer put $ in his pocket. If we all stop making billions for Jerry maybe he will let go and hire real NFL talent to manage and coach this team. He's like the guy erratically driving a Ferrari down the road. You wonder how somebody so clueless could make the $ to afford that expensive car. SMH

  22. jesus law this isnt middle school its the nfl

  23. This team is depressing. we will not be good till jerry dies.

  24. There's a difference between criticizing and regurgitating talking points while comparing with players who are successful in the moment without having context to the situation those teams are in. Wentz, while respectable, did have struggles in 2016. Then they stack his offense with talent to where at times, all he had to do was throw a quick pass and it was an automatic 10 yards. The eagles also had a lot of depth and their injuries were at positions they could afford to lose players. Dallas lost all their all pros at the same time and the team was rebuilding its depth. So when Sean Lee goes out last year, it's far worse because what's left is a bunch of rookies and 2nd year players. Now those players are a year more experienced, better coached, and they have a linebacker that can fill in for lee. That is why the defense can still play well in his absence like they did when he was injured in 2014. As for wentz, the regression of his offensive line has caused the offense to play poorly. So obviously he needs the help of his teammates too.
    Some more context, Dallas plays much slower than most teams. So even at their best in 2016, their yardage was not all that high. But they were highly efficient. But people like to harp on surface stats because they are easier to understand. For the record, Russell Wilson hadn't passed for 200 yards since week 2. So obviously you can be an effective QB without throwing for a bunch of yards.

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