1. Idk like if we win it. We will most likely be one and done. We will have a mediocre record with a not high draft pick

  2. Dak needs to start reading the defense more better.

  3. This team will not win a championship SB until Jerry Jones is gone

  4. We prolly have the lowest ceiling in the division.

  5. And where is Brice Butler? He could at least pull in the deep ball last year

  6. Cowboys couldn’t do anything vs Houston’s weak secoundary they where missing players how are we suppose to do good vs the Jags secoundary

  7. … the Cowboys CAN, win the NFC East but Dak needs someone to help him to be The Best He CAN Be . he doesn't have that right now and it's obvious he can't do it on his own

  8. I'm just gonna roll with the flow. Go Cowboys!!

  9. Its dak.. its dak …its dak…its dak…
    The teams knows zeke has to be great or we lose…its sucks our confidence out out players on crucial moments.

  10. Yobwhats good law first time im not working i tune in live.. i go work at 1.. shout out from d.c big homie… come to fedex and see us woop deadskins

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