1. Should have taken the check down which allows for you to take advantage later in the game because would force the def coordinator to play zone underneath and exploit safeties with speed as game goes on. zeke on curl routes underneath is great for late game runs as well. Motion across the formation has aided Dak in being able to identify whether it is zone or man as well (Pre-snap read)

  2. Dak taking shots downfield also depends alot on the offensive line.

  3. I thought management and coaches said back shoulder passes where over rated WHEN DEZ BRYANT WAS RELEASED MORE LIES OUT OF COWBOYS FRONT OFFICE

  4. Do some rasel dasel trick plays

  5. He has to get rid of the ball faster

  6. They caint protect Dak long enough to go downfield

  7. Contact Richie Incognito for help

  8. Keep doing you law. I like your videos!

  9. Gallup looks like a young Dez!

  10. I think Gallup can be as good as Dez was. Give him some time.

  11. No you take the first downs or run it. he's not accurate for one on one passes.

  12. Fuk Allen hurn !!! I really put my money behind this guy

  13. I'm loving gallup! I just believe he needs more opportunities so he can make more plays! He has some serious talent for sure!

  14. Boy he looks like dez on this catch

  15. I also noticed the offense seems to run better when they dont try those gimic plays for Tavon Austin. Just let him return punts and run go routes. He aint Tyreke Hill smh.

  16. I don't know what the deal with Hurns is. Besides that last play where Hurns should have come down with a deep ball that was well placed, the other big play to Hurns (end zone fade) was almost a pick, ball placement could have been better but it looked like Hurns didn't expect the ball to come his way or had lost the ball in the lights or something cause he didn't even make a play for it. I'd feel a LOT better about the season going forward if Dak and Hurns could get on the same page.

  17. When Dak waits patiently and goes deep Cowboys win..Hopefully he can continue this kind of play.

  18. You wanted our opinion so…..1. You're definitely good at diagramming and breaking down these plays. Makes for better understanding. Nice work my friend. 2. Dak is definitely trying to take the ball down field via longer passes in the air. 3. He seems to be developing chemistry with 13. As you pointed out. Thanks for the video. As always, stay excellent my friend….😐

  19. You gotta give us both the good and bad but good film

  20. The fact that Vikes #1 pick wr Treadwell is doing much better since his first two years encourages me. Worried about Gallups hands but hes young. I am disappointed in him but glad you love him buddy.

  21. Hurns #17 his route running is horrible Law, did you see how his routes are not crisp at all, bad body language, he’ll be gone next year. Gallup needs some more meat on those bones, but he is still a puppy, he will fill out, as he gets older……but I think that’s why they don’t send him on crossing patterns, as a former safety that’s when you can KO guys. Very astute as always, my Brotha Law.🤙😎🇮🇹🇺🇸

  22. Why no analysis on Beasley? Guy continues to be underrated and he gets open a lot even last year when analysts were saying he's production dropped due to being double teamed.

  23. Dak will be fine as long as Linehan gives the receivers good route combos and not a bunch of curl routes. I've liked Gallup since the preseason and he's definitely the most reliable outside receiver we have.

    Maybe Lenihan will get more playing time to Rico also… He looks like he's open every time the ball goes his way.

  24. I like Gallup.. I think we need to cut Williams, bench Hurns or cut Hurns if we make the trade foe Cooper, and start Butler. If we stay in 11 personnel with Beasley, Butler, Galluo, and Swaim we will be fine.

  25. Gallup a #3 wr at best go get a #1 and ✋ playing around he's a rookie too nobody 😳😳😳 of him

  26. He caught one damn pass all day damn and he's a #1 😳😳😳

  27. Gotta continue feeding Gallup, Beasley, and even Swaim and Rico have nice ability in the passing game. Dak just needs to continue reading the field and stepping up into the pocket to make throws. If he can do that more consistently along with his athleticism we will be deadly. Next thing to keep improving on is executing in the redzone and hey maybe throw Brice butler on the outside with Gallup just a thought especially with Tavon injured

  28. Gallup needs more opportunities

  29. I think Hurns does nothing great. He's meh. Dak should continue to build with Gallup and Swaim.

  30. I’ve seen Dak go toe to toe w Aaron Rodgers and defeat wentz on his home turf Dak is so underrated and disrespected it’s not even funny I cannot wait til he wins the Super Bowl and all you start dick ridin him again foh

  31. Dak Prescott is so damn good that we can literally win every game with him I’m not even joking they just don’t be usin him right or last year when everybody important in the team got injured and dak had still had a better year than Matt Ryan and cam newton but got talked about like he was Tim Tebow he has a great arm prolly better than tony romp he’s much better you retards love stats not wins you are like lebron James fans stat padded lovers fuck down field passes anyway Dak can control the game how he likes it when you play him right

  32. Had high hopes For Hurns But you can almost see his body language on the field ,as if he doesn’t wanna play here

  33. Law I said & standing on it Gallup our #1 WR specially when he get that beast mode of aggressiveness in him that Julio Jones mentality that im big im physical & no one can guard me if I don't want them too!! #13Gallup but can't wait for Sunday hopefully we on to sumthin & it's not win one lose one type of year need this dub to go on into the bye week

  34. I think in order for Dak to continually be successful and the offense he must take shots deep down field it keeps the defense honest they just can’t sit on the 5 to 7 yard pass not only that they can’t keep using 7 in the box to stop Zek.

  35. Thank you for showing this, Law we can do this!!! DC4L!💋

  36. I have a strong feeling Gallup is going to have a big game. Dallas gonna skin them hogs. 😎

  37. The O- line finally showed up as far as playing 4 solid quarters in both the passing game & running game.

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