Washington Redskins Fans are saying that they are going to shutdown Ezekiel Elliott 📝

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  1. Lets skin those skins 😂😂

  2. Whats with the lame loud intro mane?

  3. I love the hype surrounding this game. I feel like the players feel it too. This game is gonna be a blood bath and I love it!

  4. Dak should take wat D- fence is giving him- he's still Young's so I think he can improve' I want Dak to perform surgery against the Defence..

  5. I posted this the other day an was wondering what other fans thought.
    the question is how much better is A. Cooper than Dez? If he isn't that much better why give up a 2nd round draft pick when you know you can get Dez fo a little of nothing right now. Also lets say A. Cooper is just as good or better, we get him then get Dez as well. Don't Cooper, Dez, Beasly, M. Gallup sound a hell of a lot better than what we got. An since we have depth at that position we put Dez on returns as well.

  6. Do Dak have the liberty to check out of plays an call a play from the line or is all his plays scripted?

  7. I'm gotcha Voce' Redskins gonna try to run the ball' we got shut dat dwn' and make them pass..Alex don't scare me at all..Byron should b able to get sum picks..yea I think Miichael G.. should have a big game..

  8. Law wanna see Zeke eat like a fat kid loves cake'' 🤗🤗🤗..

  9. The boys are #1 and win ate lose their alw as ys my # 1

  10. Y'all ain't ready for what the skins are gonna do to y'all. To be honest it's gonna be a close game but skins are gonna win 24-21 Let's get it! HTTR!!! Redskins defense is top 5 also. So watch out.

  11. We control the Trenches we win period also Dak throws for 150

  12. Chris Thompson is beat up..ribs and knee I believe..

  13. I think we should even try some hurry up offense. Especially when we pounding the ball..catch them on subs.like A-rod did us..there are many things a coach can do to gain a edge..imo

  14. Every year we need to remind the redskins who they are in the divison hahaha. I swear, when I make my win predictions for the season, I always start with two wins (because I just assume we sweep the deadskins).

  15. Law I'M From KC.KC Lost To Dallas and He was with KC.Now He's With The Redskins.Zeke Gonna Eat Up Some Yards Tomorrow.Go Cowboys.❤️❤️

  16. Redskins and Going To Stop Zeke.Imagination That's Not Going To Happen.Cowboys 40- 21.Cowboys Win.

  17. LAW, Voch love you guys! please do a short film on Joe Looney! I believe that dude is killing it! and I'm not afraid to say I have a bit of a man crush on that dude like I do on Nate hahahaha. he's like john Belushi meets Jerry Garcia meets a bad-ass Center. Salute!

  18. Cowboys offense line needs to control those two defensive tackles from Alabama the rest of Redskins defense is not much to worry about die-hard Cowboy fan predicting a close game with my boys winning

  19. Ravens fan but hope boys win. Redskins fans are so annoying here in the DMV.

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