Tennessee Titans at Dallas Cowboys – October 10th, 2010

Tony Romo 406 Passing Yards 3 TDs and 3 INT | Vince Young 173 Passing Yards 2 TDs There were three sacks on one drive in the second quarter, forcing …


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  1. ………….Romo had like 20 passes deflected resulting in ints in his career and the same is now happening with Dak. The bad luck is as obvious as a kick in the nuts…………….

  2. Wow!!! lol Davis was a human turnstile for the Cowboys. Dallas' luck with free agents hasn't changed since either. The ot Fleming from the Patriots is another bum. The three wrs they signed have been a fat zero.

  3. Yes 2010 was the year when players were allowed to celebrate tds but the Cowboys weren't. The officials were obviously upset about Boys Life magazine cutting down on pictures.

  4. ….I look at it this way…… we lost by three points to 2 of our opponents and if Cooper were there we could easily be 5-2 right now. The Nfl teams are very weak as we see the Jags of 18 struggle……

  5. Romoooo. Throwing balls to the other blue Jerseys šŸ¤£


  7. Boy was Romo a good regular season QB too bad he was a playoff choker

  8. Law, September 14, 2014, Dallas Cowboys VS Tennessee Titans played against one another as well

  9. Miles Austin played another one of his BEST games

  10. Tony Romo threw for 406 Passing Yards, 3 TDs, 3 INTs, and Vince Young 173 Passing Yards, 1 TD

  11. Iā€™d rather see us slinging the ball around throwing pics but consistently moving the chains and scoring TDs instead of watching our offense struggle week in and week out like how it is this season

  12. Law you gotta upload more old school Cowboys highlights

  13. Watching Witten reminds me again how valuable a really good TE is.

  14. God Almighty, Heaven of Armies, and Lord of Hosts BLESSED Tony Romo with a Skillset that is a godsend and with as much as he can handle with ANY circumstance.


  16. I CARELESS how Abyssmal Tony Romo's play was, He did his BEST due to the circumstances that was given to him and with what he had to work with on Offense.

  17. Ladies and Gentlemen, We are going to BE OPTIMISTIC No Matter what because Dallas Cowboys will be DIE HARD Dallas Cowboys THROUGH THICK and THIN that will Bleed Silver, White and Navy Blue!!!!

  18. Left Tackle Doug Free Mr. TEXAS HOLD'EM Literally committing HOLDING Penalties

  19. Bottom line Romo just didn't get it done.

  20. Romo trash. He throwing the ball to other team like he plays for them can we leave dax alone

  21. Sam "Drug Lord" Hurd making plays!!! Ahh, those good old years of 8-8!!

  22. Tony made it look smooth . Dak is a struggle to watch i miss this.

  23. I loved when we had Romo . I remember when Parcells put him in that first game vs Giants. Then that thanksgiving game where he threw 5 tds

  24. i see dallas still running the same plays smh

  25. Nice squad we had right there loved marion barber

  26. I sometimes miss the excitement of Romo !!! That's not a knock on Dak!!

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