The Dallas Cowboys Vs The Seattle Seahawks LVE Or Sean Lee? Who Starts Vs Seattle? (Instant Classic)

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  1. akoyee u buggin lee is trash

  2. Funny how everyone (law nation especially) we’re criticizing and blatantly being racist towards the man when he was drafted , now they’re balls deep riding his dick . LVE shut their mouths 🤫

  3. The only big run play Dallas gave up was when Sean Lee was in game.

  4. LVE proved his worth in my opinion

  5. Sean Lee is retiring.

  6. I watched this video ….Friday night so this info was fresh …. Sean hurt us

  7. I said to my girl when she asked me if Sean Lee was playing tonight and my reply was "Sparingly" due to the fact that his mind is in much much better health than his hamstrings! I love Lee, always have, he is the film room of the defense but he is made of glass right now and his availability is a liability! Plus, what is it with our Backers and DBs not looking back for the ball???!!! I watched Jaylon let a ball zip past his facemask while being sewed to Zach Ertz' ass in coverage!! Never looked for the ball and if he did he would have had a pick and maybe even a pick-6!!!
    I also remember Sean Lee being run the fuck over by that RB in Carolina in the first game of the year!

  8. I was jumping up and down when the Boys drafted LVE!!!! Ya'll couldn't see his potential? No, he doesn't hit like truck (YET!) but he does his job REAL WELL in this system!! It's what you need when you need it, he's a perfect fit with his skill set in this defense! Look how long it took Jaylon to come around and be the backer he is now, he had a severe injury to get over but he is now playing downhill like a Ray Ray in B-more!! But LVE doing his job of getting there to the spot is giving Jaylon the opportunity to thump some fellas!!!!

  9. What was Lee snap count in the game???? I think I saw him for 4….. I believe Thomas saw the field before Lee did.

  10. Where would LVE be without being coached by Sean Lee?

  11. Lve made tackle on 18.3pct of snaps highest in nfl min 400 snaps I just seen this it is clear he is a great tackling lb for sure.

  12. Damn foots get out yo birkin bro what are you reaching for

  13. Lmao. Foots!!!, stop it mane. LVE will tell you himself, in so many words, Sean Lee need to be in there. Lol Akoye murdered you, with facts bro. Love my Cowboy bloggers. I truly believe "they" listening to y'all (Voch, and Akoye mainly) but I love and listen to all y'all. Sean Lee need to, and deserves to play out his career here. Might get rid of him this year, but he's gonna make a impact in these playoffs.

  14. If u could put what Sean lee knows about linbacking inside LVE 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  15. Sit Wilson and play both LVE together Lee

  16. All of you guys made ultimately valid points
    It needs to be the utmost top-notch coaching gameplan & in-game adjustments concerning balancing our LB rotation

    Rookie mistakes vs Pete Carrol can be devastating to us
    Sean Lee pulling up lame on a critical play can be just as devastating

    Sean Lee's experience & health can trump the vigor of LVE in his first playoff game

    We're simply blessed to be in the position have to choose who/which to start etc

  17. lmao i knocked on wood before yall even said it. But love seeing the collab, do more of it

  18. Better not have jinxed Jaylon bruh !! 😬😟

  19. We’re gonna need Lee’s experience out there .

  20. FootsDaking sounds like Too $hort

  21. Don't yall forget about wut 50General Lee has dun. Wen healthy, he's da Man.

  22. he's like Romo in 2016, but on defense – out on IR… and replaced with an exceptionally talented rookie that is having a historic rookie season

  23. Start LVE in regular packages, but please please PLEASE just run a 4-3 against Seattle, Carson is not going to run wild against Gregory, Collins, Woods, DLaw, and all THREE of those backers! If Sean Lee is on the field GUIDING LVE and Jaylon it’ll be over.

  24. Way too many hypotheticals to make a decision. Lees barely played all year. Lve is racking up games with 15 tackles at the moment. Idk if hes better than lve right now still too timid on the field for my liking. Its not about turning your back its about putting the best guys on the field. When you say lee is dissecting quickly so is lve every play hes the first person to the ball

  25. I’m in the middle bro . Sean lee fell off a little but I do like his experience

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