Can The Dallas Cowboys Be The Number One Defense In The NFL???

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  1. Jaylon is flying out there and hyping up our defense! He is rewarding us with our patience with him! He is a supreme talent! Thank you for the work you do Law! W/O you there is no LawNation! So keep giving us the updates and film on new players and breaking down our team, players, games, and schemes! Mahalo, 808-Yong Wilson

  2. They will be top 5 this season give it a year or two and they’ll be a top one

  3. Panthers 56 Dallas 2 week 1 BOOK IT

  4. they need to take harvey martins number and give it back to the D, no way should chaz green ever been give that number

  5. What’s up with are boy LEWIS?? Brown out showing him that bad

  6. Zeke 1,872.7 yards.

  7. If you really want to talk TD how about Tony Dorsett in 1977. Dallas also had the number 1 Defense in the NFL.

  8. That Interception by Chidobe Awuzie almost resembles Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch against Brandon Carr

  9. Well, I want this Defense to PUMMEL, CRUSH, TORTURE, HUMILIATE, INTIMIDATE, CORRAL, and EXPOSE The Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, and NY Giants for who they are.

  10. Jaylon Smith's Confidence NEVER WAVERS!!!!

  11. AMEN, MASS OF DESTRUCTION, Humiliation, Torture, Angst, Intimidation, Clout, etc.

  12. Answer yes.this music lmao

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