Christian Kirk Texas A&M Wide Receiver #3 5’11”, 200 Junior Christian Kirk is a dynamic playmaker that is one of the most explosive players in the 2018 NFL …


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  1. I hate that he is so small but for some reason I like this receiver over all the others..

  2. He can look into the sun an catch the ball???!?!? Cowboys it is lol given our stadium an all.

  3. Law Nation he a hella body catcher

  4. Yo Law, can you please do a quick film on Anthony Miller, wide receiver out of Memphis. Thanks

  5. he maybe a cowboy!

  6. If he’s there in the 2nd and we don’t take him I’ll lose it. We need another defender first. Not safety tho. I think Frazier and Woods will actually do okay. So either DT or LB. but grabbing him would be awesome

  7. Are the Cowboys contemplating Kirk as their guy at 19 if Ridley is gone? Dallas has taken care of the guard situation by getting Fleming who can play right tackle moving Collins back to left guard. Is Kirk part of the new "Dak Friendly" offense? Speed!!  Speed! Speed!!!? Hurns is a start. Life without Bryant is a reality. Beasely Bruin is on his way out.

  8. the thing that excites me about this draft is that there should absolutely be a very good option available for the cowboys in the 2nd rd that has some speed and quickness

  9. Reminds me more of Odell Beckham. I think the Ridley kid reminds me more of TY

  10. he needs to be drafted at #19.
    Lets drop twill plz. we can have dez, Butler and Kirk and Beasly destroying the slot.

  11. I see more of a Steve smith comparison rather than TY

  12. This is the dude I’ve been looking at for awhile,I really think he can develop into a really good player. At 5”11 200 the only thing I want to know is his injury history. SPEED KILLS!😆

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  14. Percy harvin hopefully without the injury issues.. Hopefully to da bears

  15. Steve Smith thats what he remind me of….

  16. Rather have this guy then Ridley

  17. You should do Courtland Sutton.

  18. But the question is, can Dallas get him?

  19. Law Nation,
    This may be true, but can he catch the football when it counts? Cause lately Dez has cough the drop-itus disease. He can have all the talent on the planet but can he go across the middle, take the hit, and still catch the ball? Unless he's another Michael Irvin, Dallas doesn't need him

  20. I would not have an issue if we took Kirk at 19. Cowboys need his speed.

  21. DJ Moore from Maryland is a day 2 guy we should look into as well. Would love to see a video on him!

  22. I would love to see one for Memphis WR Anthony Miller. Kid has crazy skills.

  23. My guy.. GO GET HIM !! He is the WR we are missing

  24. Can you look at saquon Barkley??

  25. He reminds me of Steve smith back in the day for the panthers

  26. He's fast im a texas a&m fan

  27. Damn wentz would put up CRAZY numbers with this guy next year. T Smith isnt what we thought hed be. Kirk across from Alshon 🔥 wentz will be dominating for years.

  28. This is just me. I say let dez and twill go
    Let Brice Butler start. Draft this guy. and have beasly and switzer work the slot as well.
    but our coaching staff is a joke. we dont utilize our strengths

  29. How About Emanuel st. Brown wide receiver from Notre Dame

  30. We need someone who can throw it throw it for more than 10 yards accurately and consistently

  31. Look up Deontic Cain

  32. if it's offense, take a look at jaleel scott's jump ball and release, dj moore's tackle breaking, or rashaad penny's breakaways

  33. I would really like to see film on Armani Watts

  34. Whats good law i dont know if you looked at film on KD Cannon from baylor or Brian Brown from Richmond but we got both these 2 guys on the practice squad now. When u get a chance look both these guys up and Tell me how deadly our offense will be with these 2 plus beasley or switzer in the middle with Rico Gathers and zeke elliott. 💯💯💯

  35. Dallas should try to get anthony Miller from Memphis he's a tru hands catcher

  36. Thanks for starting review of draft picks. Trying to look at the bright side, at least we are picking higher this year at 19.

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