Rashaan Evans Highlight mix 2017|| REACTION

Rashaan Evans Highlight mix 2017 Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWryYBBAylE Rashaan Evans is like a human missle on the field.


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  1. Welcome TO THE Titanss in other words welcome to the family

  2. i want him tonight

  3. This best linbacker in the draft. Not even up for debate

  4. I guess hes too big to play safety.

  5. Think he'll raise Jaylon Smiths blood pressure? lol

  6. Evans made a goal line tackle that reminded one of K. Norton Jnr. He looks like a special type of player in every respect i.e speed tackling talent [around the boots unlike most American Footballers]. Evans would be a much better pick than say a safety purely because he can be used as a pass rusher and as a cover guy both over the middle and around the base of The Ruck.

  7. Man hits like Mike Singletary 50 Bears linebacker.Jerry one time move up and get this guy.

  8. How is he in coverage etc?

  9. Not gonna be very productive against shiftier backs when he leads with his head & lunges carelessy

  10. I'd rather go WR or Safety in the First Round, there is still great linebackers until around the bottom of the third round, guys like malik jefferson and josey jewell and Baker out of Ohio State will be there rounds 2-4 malik and josey would definitely become full time starters for us down the line, Baker more of a rotation guy that can make big plays when inserted in.

  11. This dude Nano blitzing lollll

  12. He be gone in the first 12 picks.

  13. I am enamored by this one Law. He is a freak, heat seeking infrared predator man. We absolutely cannot pass on him…

  14. this guys just a dog!! He gives his whole body and mind into this! Plus hes bald so he plays no games! 😅

  15. Man he's nasty reminds me of bowman the way he tackles. I wouldn't mind him Moore or ridley at 19

  16. Explosive and great blitzer. Run stopper.

  17. Law we got to get this brother!! Jaylon Sean Lee and this guy shut down

  18. damn, wow, I would not like what this kid would've done to Dak with our O line this year if he opposed us,or in the future either. oh mr McCray, can we sign him now along with Deshon Elliot? what I'm seeing with Elliot, head and shoulders above the rest, is his mindfulness of getting the ball,causing turnovers, whether it's ints or stripping, that instinct wins games! ☆☆☆turnovers☆☆☆

  19. Him, roquan smith or tremaine Edmunds I want linebacker in the first round

  20. ok…. trade up to get him… clone about 20 of him to fill the entire defense. lol In any case I agree with Deasyz Bowman, I can't see him slipping to us. We shall see. LOL grab this guy at 19 AND get Tremaine Edmunds in 2nd? Hey a guy can dream…

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