Dennis Smith Jr's Time in Dallas Done? | Mavs Fastbreak

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  1. Look, in real terms, Luke would have had a much lower minute in the better team. So it's very good for him to be in a bad team. Here he will build a reputation and a name and then he will probably be sold into one better team.

  2. RC Haters can suck my taint…. DSJ is just young, having a bad couple weeks. bring him home, let him work.

  3. Mavs did him dirty. I was onboard with developing both DSJ and Luka together for the long haul. It's so frustrating as a fan.

  4. I created a IG @staydsj. Maybe DSJ saw it and reconsidered. lol .

  5. They just announced he is coming back tomorrow. We will see how it goes.

  6. Barnes and Mathews need to go ASAP

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