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The Mavs got their man, moving up to select Luka Doncic at 3rd overall. The cost? the 5th pick, as well as a protected first-round pick next year. Too much?


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  1. Excited for the future!!

  2. Haha. Brook Lopez would have been amazing. You guys, were saying he is not a good rim protector? He is the rim protector of the Nr.1 defense in the league. Well, good for the Bucks that so many people underestimated him. Great podcast however.

  3. Boy were you guys off Mark with Luca. Not a 20 point a night guy? Ha yes sure!!! Well let’s see We have a rookie of the year superstar and more..Yes maybe you guys really did not do your research? And that’s just lazy because it was all out there in the Internet all you had to do was look for it sorry man you guys botched it up.

  4. How do you guys come to conclusions about players when they are intentionally losing games??? Carlisle knows some of these players are better than they are but were denied crunch time minutes because we wanted to lose. We stole 2 #1 picks this year so lets not press our luck😎

  5. This Luka Doncic.. Man-O-Man, this kid is gonna ELECTRIFY the NBA!!! Once he gets acclimated to the speed of the NBA, Watch out!!!! ((Mark My Words))

  6. I love the #.77.. You WILL SOON TOO! He wanted #7.. but he said the Mavs couldn't give it to him, so he just chose #77. Trust.. U will LOVE this number in time.. be patient! 😉

  7. That's alot of potential at the guard positions.
    Good competition here.

  8. If this don't work out Cuban needs to cell the team you give a lot for Guy who is a terrible 3 point shooter per

  9. Think about it like that. You can get a great free aent this year next year Mathews contract is up you get a new one. And then Barnes contract is up and you can basically go grab another great free agent if Doncic dsj and brunson develop well you have an amazing team

  10. We goin be the shit now… Come on over cousins!! Lol

  11. Devin Harris got traded last year fellas lol

  12. I really don't want Devin back.. appreciate him and respect him but it's time to move on

  13. i hope luka doncic pans out and wont be a bust like some people say

  14. great thumbnail i like it. sad to see yogi ferrell likely go but if they can find a way to keep him i would be happy

  15. Just seeing #13 excites me!

  16. The heat want whiteside gone because they drafted adebayo and whiteside isn't producing well anyways, also he was rendered completely useless when teams went small-ball so I think we can trade Dwight Powell and Wesley Matthews for Hassan whiteside and josh Richardson and I would be all for it, even though I don't really like that kind of center in the modern NBA and he is wildly overpaid. We would gain cap space which would help us in free agency and he could probably start right away, and we get a good backup SF. We could try to sign Cousins or more likely Randle and play either of them at the four with whiteside as our rim running/rim protecting/lob target at the 5.

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