10 Takeaways & Observations from Dallas' 24-13 Loss @ Seattle (2018)

It was about as ugly a showing as we’ve seen for the Dallas Cowboys offense, with Dak Prescott throwing for just 168 yards with 2 picks and 1 touchdown.


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  1. 15 minutes of facts, nice overview, professional and focused, I like.

  2. Even crediting dak with a touchdown pass is a total disgrace

  3. @TheDallasProspect When I look at the Cowboys I continually see horrible offensive line protection which tells me Travis Fredrick is nucleus of the O line and Connor Williams need pick up weight to withstand the NFL pounding he’s getting manhandled.
    Zeke didn’t fumble really he got the ball knocked out by #30 from behind.

  4. Hey Dallas Prospect, thanks for a great and informative video.

  5. Hey hot boyz, what dummies give themselves gay nicknames when they as a group haven't accomplished sheit. In my day people were given nicknames by others that we're earned. Win a damn super bowl I guarantee you someone will give you a more appropriate nickname than gayboyz.

  6. So true we need all the resources and picks we can get. Thomas can't help us this year

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