Luka Jovic Proving Why He's Worth €50M+

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  2. I want ac Milan sign him : Piatek+Jovic=💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  3. Messi Ronaldo era coming to an end in next few years, arms race in Europe right now. Will your club secure the bag?

  4. He is one of the best young players in Europe. Just 21 years old. He time coming.

  5. Soon to overtake the Lewandowski’s and Suarez in the future as the big Number 9 or 8 as he’s now 😂 . Brilliant finishing ability similar to Ibrahimovic as they have same type of deadly finishing abilities . What a player he’s going to become in the next year . Barca or Madrid or maybe Bayern ? 🔥😅🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Love how is left is his supposed "weak foot" yet he seems to score more with his left lol this dudes a freak gonna be so good

  7. Looks like Suarez 🤔

  8. worth every penny. Both footed, good pace, excellent running and he has good holdup play

  9. PLIZ JOIN BARCA I WILL BUY YOUR SHIRT @jovic #9 at BARCA ❤️💙❤️💙❤️

  10. Wow. So impressive. But the touch @8:00 was world class.

  11. And he's 21 years old!

  12. 100m+ if his last name ended in "inho"

  13. Ben yedder is better

  14. hes possibly kicked inter out now as well

  15. Do Aaron Wan Bissaka

  16. I’m gonna pay 100 M without questions

  17. this guy has incredible finishing ability … you should make a video on Sebastian haller he is also good. at holding play finishing and playmaking

  18. he might be going to Barcelona i think that he will sing a contract

  19. my dad is friends with him so i know him he i knows he is so good

  20. This guy has everything, shots with both legs, composure, agility, positioning… I hope he keep growing, excited to see him in a bigger club (no offense to Frankfurt xD)

  21. Lewandowski + Aguero = Jovic 🔥🔥

  22. Perfect for Real Madrid and he is upgradte Benzema who knows to finis and give goal!

  23. imagine how good if he play alongside piatek and zaniolo

  24. Damn seriously Benfica.

  25. He's decent but no rashford

  26. Barca better get em, this guy has a potential to become a worlds best CF

  27. Benfica talent 💯💯

  28. The music on this video is 🔥
    Same with video of k.prince boateng.
    But i cant find that video anymore

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