Cowboys Get Busy in Free Agency, Sign Allen Hurns and more

The Dallas Cowboys finally got to work signing free agents this offseason, and the haul thus far has been surprisingly encouraging compared to recent years.


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  1. I gotta give em credit for pulling it off, but man it took some brass ones to let Hurns walk out the door after only offering him 2.5 mil guaranteed.

  2. No disrespect, but honestly I REALLY dislike videos where the host has to have his face on air all the time.

    Roll some footage man it would be 10x more entertaining to go with your commentary.

  3. Cowboy fan here. You do know this season we will do much better than last right? Must I remind you that our RB missed a grip of games do to his suspension. Trust me guys. Cowboys will dominate and we will make it to the playoffs.

  4. Great video got new subscrider

  5. Hurns wear #89

  6. Terence and 2nd round draft for Earl Thomas

  7. You’re a idiot for saying we should let cole go

  8. So when will earl Thomas sign with the Dallas

  9. Dez will be forgotten after Hurns gets busy.

  10. Tremaine Edmunds will be a top ten pick, too expensive to move up.

  11. funny they had him listed as 6-1 205 he's grown the past few days

  12. Edmunds will be long gone as James will by by 12.

  13. Hurns has just 900 yards the last two games because he had a hammie and ankle injury hurting his numbers both seasons.

  14. Maybe Jones is thinking that the new additions will make Bryant consider taking less to get a Sb ring in his last year?…..

  15. love the new Cowboys vlogs

  16. Trade Cole B and T Will.. T will is garbage lol

  17. This team needs a middle of field threat from TE who can make YAC. Earl Thomas is not coming…he already makes 8.5 and wants a new deal? NO. Edmunds is very raw….and is not better than Fred Warner from BYU who can be had in the 2nd-3rd.
    Hernandez would be a great pick but he will be going top 10-12 easy. Isaiah Wynn is a solid pick up at G. TW is not going anywhere cause his deal is guaranteed 4 mil and it goes to 5.2 of dead money if he is cut this year…may as well keep him this year. Cool channel though.

  18. We can sometimes run out a big package with dez at x. T will at y. An hurns in slot. 6'2 6'2 6'3 hurns is nice in slot an outside

  19. This channel sucks dude bored as hell

  20. I would like Hurns to be 87 but he's going to be 17

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