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  1. I think u guys only think in guys like kd or cousins But the smart move in my opinion is guys as Zubac 21 years old and huge potential he actually can play… and add Faried can play PF and C… he are so energy and he is a good rebounder and defender…. if dallas do it… they will be in the rigth direction and they can sign an big FA…. that should be te move and not vucevic 29 years old and will ask for a huge money he is good but its the easy option not the best… u spend your cap in one guy when u actually can sign 2 guys and take more than vucevic give u and for less money… i mean think about faried can take a contract for 2 years and Zubac is future… 5 years contract … thats a win win and not vucevic who will give u 2 years of a decent play… i think that should be the move of dallasto surround luca and kp with a very equilibrate team

  2. How about Cuban talks Powell into renouncing his rights so we can have enough cap space to sign a max free agent (Durant) and then use bird rights to resign Powell. We could also do that with DFS and Maxi. We also have a near 22 million trade exception.

  3. i had my sound down nearly all the way stop fucking shouting in the mic my god

  4. very loud please quiet down..

  5. We should just let Luka play 48 minutes and do nothing but look at him…not even defending. Just enjoy the genius working, heaven

  6. no tanking… make our case to the basketball gods "if" we dont make the playoffs

  7. I really like Demarcus Cousins, he is a beast man !! But I'm afraid of his charactar and injury history, that's why maybe Vucevic is a better option, he is consistent, healthy most of the time, good rebounder and scorer, the only bad thing about him is defence i guess..
    BTW, great video, I love you guys, in the future make more of these !! <3 😀

  8. I don't like either Lebron or Durant. Lebron formed a super team in Miami as well, but Dirk and company whooped that ass.

  9. I just want to see them put the right piece around Doncic. He's an amazing player. They definitely need a beast to rebound and play defense in the middle.

  10. Is Julius randle a free agent this offseason? He could be an athletic rebounder and defender as a small ball 5

  11. The Mavs need a dominating rebounder to play with PK. Hopefully the Nicks won't sign DeAndre Jordan and the Mavs have another shot at him.

  12. Do you think Justin Jackson is a piece for the future or a rental until the mavs get who they think is our SF of the future

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