Luka Legend Becomes Kid Klutch as Mavs Down T-Wolves in Minnesota | Mavs Fastbreak January 13th

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  1. Well, Sacramento is competing with Dallas for a playoff-spot as we all know. How comes, that they have 2-3 bench players who would be easyly starters in the Mavs team?? (Bogdanovic (Better than Barnes in pretty much every category,) Giles and Bagley) DSJ has to play way, way, WAY more off the ball if he wants to stay, Barnes will never be a great passer, and Wes is inconsistent as f. Maybe next year…

  2. Happy Birthday DDP

  3. Spurs fan here who loves Luka. I begged the Spurs FO to trade Kawhi for the 2nd pick to get Doncic. I knew he was special.

  4. I really feel a DSJ trade coming, not sure how to feel about it, but the plus minus thing is hard to ignore.

  5. My starting 5 – Jordan at the 5, Maxie at the 4, Barnes at the 3, Brokoff at the 2, Luka at the 1.
    My bench – Dirk at the 5; Powell at the 4, Dowe-Dowe at the 3, Harris at the 2, Brunson at the 1.
    The Mavs need a great scorer at the 2 and playmaking depth at he 4 and 5
    I like the way Luka and Brunson create assist, get rebounds, and score at the 1. I'm not sure if W. Matthews is the long term answer at the 2. I like DSJ but I am not sure where he fits with the team's future.

  6. Nickname for Luka – Halle-Luka

  7. The playoff chances were small but now without Barea i don't know if there is any hope… it was a sad day… Maybe if Brunson or DSJ go crazy for the bench

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