Mark Cuban Talks AAU, Harrison Barnes Claps Back | Mavs Skid Extends to 5 Games | Mavs Fastbreak

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  1. I'm not sure how you can misconstrue saying "U.S. player only want to taunt and make mixtapes". It's clearly a direct shot at African American players. I'm n0t going to go as far as to say he's a racist, but the comment certainly can be construed as such

  2. WTH. Why do people do intro bits like it's mainstream TV? You are on YouTube and if you're going to have a intro it better be good.

  3. Name 5 GREAT European players? I'll wait

  4. Barnes is good, don't get me wrong, but not worth his contract. Maybe 16-18 mil tops?

  5. This team is good enough to beat the best in the league, it all comes down to execution at the end of games. We really need this win tonight MFFLs

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