Dennis Smith Jr: Trending Upward or Down? | Mavs Fastbreak

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  1. Dennis smith will become a super star here with dallas or somewhere else just be patient .

  2. The real truthful answer is Dennis Smith jr is trending downward but that defense he played vs clippers and that game clinching block and free throws amazing and provide a lot more lee way with him. He is young as hell and might not even be able to legally go to the club and drink so just wait and see best approach but man oh man if the west continues to be like this maybe Dallas can sneak in and cause damage!!!

  3. People who want to trade DSJ are the same people who wanted Carlisle’s head 2 weeks ago…. in other words fucking idiots

  4. No way! No trade!

  5. I would sign DeAndre Jordan
    right now. He is a major reason why the Mavs are winning.

  6. Look he is an average point guard right now overall and most likely could get better but if Bradley Beal available and even John wall of it makes sense should be considered. Any big time free agent won’t sign with Dallas for a variety of reasons. Only trades and drafting will improve the team. Without a first round pick this off season Dallas needs to consider a trade. The team will not be in playoff contention down the line so consider trading while the average roster players have higher trade value.

  7. People are crazy! Calling to trade away DSJ already. I remember we gave Roddy B for several years before getting rid of him finally.

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