Why Patience is Key for Mavs Fans After Blowout in Phoenix

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  1. Dennis smith needs to step up don't like his body character or expression

  2. I think Rick Carlisle put it best,the Mavericks lost the game EVERYBODY missed easy shots, you would would think this was a single game elimination season the way people are talking😎

  3. People need to chill. Just wait until they start gelling. People are so dramatic.

  4. I expect a much better shooting performance tomorrow for sure. Hopefully the defense can be better too. #MFFL

  5. I definitely see the absurdity of labeling Luka a bust already.

    But it was quite a disappointing game. Made worse by the fact they were playing the Suns…the worst team in the league last year.

    Luka looked really really good in the first half…then looked tired in the second half. Also disappointing given the talk about his conditioning so we couldn't fully enjoy him either.

    DJ didn't help the interior defense like we thought.

    DSJ looked bad.

    So that's the three main things Mavs fans were excited about and cold water was dumped on all of it.

    So I get why there is disappointment.

    At the same time, all the teams that played in China played badly in their first game. The Sixers looked better in their second game so maybe the Mavs will improve too.

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