5 Roster Moves Mark Cuban Has Lived to Regret

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  1. love your content! Thumbs up

  2. I love your videos and I have now subscribed. I look forward to more of your content. Here are my thoughts and it equates to an amount of a dissertation and for that I apologize.
    A lot of these moves were bad luck. When they happened, the Odom & Rondo moves (key word when it happened) were two of the best moves the Mavs have made. The negative results from Odom & Rondo canโ€™t be placed on Cuban or Nelson. The two players & even Carlisle (to a smaller degree) deserve blame.
    The Giannis mis pick is totally hindsight. What if Dirk got drafted by the Bucks and they kept him in 98? Would he have been as successful with a win now coach like George Karl and would he have gotten the opportunities with Big Dog Robinson, Allen or Cassell??? Don Nelson was the perfect first coach for Dirk. Maybe the same would have applied to Giannis and the Mavs in 2013. At that time Carlisle rarely played rookies or young players and Dallas was trying to win now to help Dirk who was taking discounts to build a win mode. I think Dirk would have been frustrated if we gave up and tried to go youth movement back in 2013. The Mavs tried and failed. And all of thoose guys who spurred the Mavs (Dwight, Deron, DeAndre, Whiteside and Conley) ALL ended up in worse situations with the teams they signed/re-signed with!!! And the Mavs dodged bullets by not resigning any off these guys. There would have been no DSJ or Luka if they would have.

    Although Carlisle had proven to be one of the best coaches, in 2016 he had to adjust his philosophy and play young guys/prospects (Seth Curry, DSJ, Barnes & Powell). This is something he did not do in 2013 so Giannis could have been a bust in Dallas. There is a reason why back in 2013 he was not a top 10 (nor projected) pick in the weakest draft of the decade!!! Giannis was put in a situation where he could have been molded and had the coaching & seasoning to grow aka Dirk with Dallas in 1998!!!

  3. If this was 2018 and Nash & Dirk were in their primes the way the game is played today not signing Nash would have been devastating. The way the game was played in the mid 2000s Dallas needed to have a big who rebounded and played defense (kind of like Damp). I think Dallas would have been too weak on defense from 2004-2015 if they would have signed Nash and not signed a big.Dallas would have not made the finals in 2006 nor win it all in 2011. And Nash may not have been the player he was with the Suns!!!

  4. This video hurts so much…. Dirk should have at LEAST 3 rings…

  5. Yogi is to Sacramento ๐Ÿ˜ง

  6. The Rondo trade was even worse than that. Dallas offense was hitting historical levels in the month prior to that trade. I clearly remember an article analysing the offensive stats of the Mavs right before the trade, and it was the class of the NBA, at a level unheard of if they were to maintain it for the rest of the season. Then Rondo came in and destroyed the team.

  7. That Rondo crap should have been #1๐Ÿ˜Ž

  8. This is why I'm a bit afraid of the Doncic/Trae Young trade. If Doncic doesn't work out and/or if Young is as good as advertised, then this will go down as one of the worst trades of all-time.

    Great list, although the Giannis pick is purely hindsight IMO. I've been a Giannis stan since his rookie year because he was good in 2k14 despite his low rating, but even I didn't see him becoming THIS good. I don't think the Bucks expected it either, TBH. I think the Rondo deal might be the worst, because management should've been able to assess Rondo's personality and see that he just didn't fit the team culture. They tried to fit a square peg into a round hole, which is an understandable mistake with draft picks who are all question marks, but not with seasoned veterans that the league has a ton of scouting info on.

  9. The Brendan Haywood contract was brutal and the Eric Dampier contract was tragic.

  10. Cubes fell in love with small guy like Larkin w/o seeing Giannis could have been perfect fit with Dirk and now with Dennis and Luka. excellent analysis ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Realistically the competition has always been way too steep for Dallas when it comes to free agents. Cube's ego is just too big for his own good. Dude always wants to gamble with the big dogs. Safest route would've been through the draft. Nothing we can do now though except see how Doncic and DSJ plays out.

  12. Oh do i remember that 2006 finals.. it freakn burned and still does to look back at it. I remember screaming my life away when we gave away that 2-0 lead.

  13. You should do a video on 5 moves people wanted the Mavs to make in free agency that you are happy they didnโ€™t make looking at it now. Great video still I love it.

  14. Great vid great content

  15. Giannis has to hurt the most rn…

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