8 Options for the Mavs at Center

With the NBA Draft now behind us, the Dallas Mavericks must turn their attention to July 1st and free agency. The primary need? A starting center. Will Dallas …


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  1. Great analysis! I also enjoyed playing "Who's that Pokemon?" with those silhouettes!

  2. Think about this… in my opinion the smartest move if i were the
    mavs… sign Zubac 21 years old and huge potential big man he actually
    can play… and Faried pure energy defender he can play PF and C and he
    can rebound…. in that way u ensure the core making beter for the
    future with Luka KP and Zubac and add a really good guy to the team to
    defend and rebount playing betwin zubac and kp both them are free agent
    next season and are really under radar in that way u doesnt spend the
    cap in vucevic who will give u only 2 years of very good basketbal…
    with that 2 guys u will better deal than with vucevic and u still keep
    the cap space for me thats the real smart move for dallas but we will

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  4. Actually I think Nurkic could have been had rather easily, The Trailblazers are in cap hell,They have to cut players and have absolutely now way of improving from where they were, This means the only real value they have is to wait till the Super Teams finally fold up(Be at least 4 years on that) and then be ready, And they aren't not going to live in Cap Hell paying 100 million in penalties a year just to bide there time, Nurkic works on a rebuilding team(he is only 21) They only gave him the 4.5 qualifying offer, which you know Urked the Nurk, then apparently they were trying to trade him for Cousins(which I think gaurantee's he's walking next year when he is unrestricted. But the Mavs could have offered him the same deal they did Jordan and I don't see any way they match it, knowing they already pissed him off. What they Mavs should have done is offered a one year 18 million deal(this would have been probably around 60 million for them to match considering they still have to fill the roster out and then would still have to pay more penalties.

    We got Big Dummy and his Gorilla Arms which would be fine if we had already done all our rebuilding and only needed a center and his age isn't a big deal as they were ready to compete at this time, But that's not what happened. And all this money coming off the books next year only makes up Big Fish in a Big Pond with lots of other Big Fish, This year we and the Lakers were the Big Fish and we frankly didn't do a great job of getting a one dimensional player and even that is just part of kicking the can down the road a season.

    50% chance he will be a Mav next season and 50%chance the Mavs want him. And 50% Chance He doesn't want the Mavs

    We shall see what happens, But I feel we took our advantage and blew it.f We probably could have got both Nurk and Randall by bringing in another team for Wesley Matthews, and still had money to sign McDermott and Curry.

  5. Well, what do the mavs do about PF, should we stick with Dirk or trade Wesley Matthews and/or Dwight Powell for a young power forward?

  6. Let's develop our own bigs. That's how other teams have done it. I am expecting Motley to make some significant improvements. At least to take minutes away from Salah. Capela was drafted late first round.

  7. I’m surprised no Hassan Whiteside

  8. I personally want Dewayne Dedmon, and it would only require trading a future 2nd to get him. Great character, physical, developed a 3 pointer, solid FT shooter, shot blocker, rebounder, and even a dive threat.

  9. Brunson isn't that big. He's 6-2.

  10. I still think DeMarcus Cousins is the best player to go after because he would help space the floor for everybody on the team while still having more than adequate defense and as far as his injury is concerned, he not a guard that needs to move quick and make all type of cuts using his legs so he should he fine and also he seems to have matured because their have been no issues with him as of lately.

  11. Hes pf lols not a center randel

  12. another option to keep a eye on dallas prospect is hassan whiteside if mavs can't get deandre jordan or boogie cousins this is and should be their backup plan heat don't want him i dont know why he is on this list. but yes mavs rescinded doug mcdermott offer for cap space reasons

  13. What the hell happened to nerlens Noel

  14. Great video. As a mavs fan i wish we get clint capella since he fits the build and a perfect lob target for luca and dennis. Just wonder why we didn't consider Dwight Howard as an option for a stopgag contract or my fave center Tyson Chandler. If we can get Tyson for the fans that would be fun. the suns dont need tyson anyways since they have a future center.

  15. Dwight Howard will be a free agent this summer with his buyout.. Don't you think he will be a great fit for the MAVS.??

  16. Also I guessed right on every single guy except for jusuf nurkic because I was not expecting him

  17. What do you think of a starting five kind of like this:
    G Dennis Smith jr
    G Luka Doncic
    SF Harrison Barnes
    PF Al-Farouq Aminu
    C Clint Capela

  18. Nikola Vučević and huge upgrades also

    I like 3 point range from Nikola Vučević

  19. I think if the mavs get Clint capela or deandre Jordan we should try to trade for Al-Farouq Aminu from the trailblazers. He is a little old at 27 but he will give you a lot of threes and hustle on rebounds. Do you think it would be a good idea to trade Dwight Powell and maxi kleber for aminu and Zach Collins or something along those lines?

  20. Mavs make a significant upgrade at big men and keep motley and other great players Winners then mavericks will be very strong 2018 and beyond

  21. jusuf nurkic and Jonathon motley are your big men for the mavericks next year

    This Is a HUGE upgrade to Salah mejri and an injured noel nerlens

  22. jusuf nurkic and Jonathon motley are your big men for the mavericks next year

    This Is a HUGE upgrade to Salah mejri and an injured noel nerlens

  23. Johnathan Motley PF C 240 pounds muscle almost seven foot tall mavericks need to keep motley

    Motley is a stretch 4 prospect motley has been working on his long range and motley can shoot motley shot looks amazing very consistent

    Mavericks have to figure out a way to warm up dirk before he plays

    Maybe on a practice court and then keep dirk on his feet and moving and bring dirk in as 6th man raining 3 pointers at 40 percent

    This way dirk stays warmed up

    Once players sit down there muscles tighten up and lactic acid is released in body to burn fat cut muscle

    Players shouldn't sit until they are done playing stay up on feet stay moving

    If they can get another great center

    Noel got injuries left hand thumb

    and a wrist

  24. Glad I stumbled into this channel around the nba draft. Good stuff man, keep it up

  25. Really enjoying these videos man

  26. Let's go for Capella and move Harrison to the 4, Luka at the 3, and either Wes or Seth at the 2. Alex Len is lowkey a good conservative option as well, especially as a reserve Center. Nerlens is a complete headcase – he could be great or terrible but it's all up to him. If he can prove that he's ready to commit to the team, then maybe just keep him for cheap.

    I REALLY don't like Julius Randle. He is talent, but nothing more. I've seen plenty of Lakers ball, and he just doesn't have a good "feel for the game". He often looks like he doesn't quite know his position on the court. His sense of proprioception is lacking, and it often winds up in him taking wild shots and missing wide-open teammates for easy buckets. He also has horrible defensive principles. The Lakers have done a poor job of developing him, so unless Carlisle particularly jives with the guy, I wouldn't throw much money at him.

  27. Cousins = Dez 😎

  28. Why you make it sound like Barnes is a bum

  29. Capela try it and at least make houston pay him a ton thus limiting houston

  30. I like how Capela would fit with us but we’d have to Max contract with him. Barnes & Capela as your 2 max contracts , no thanks.

  31. capela would be my ideal choice. but how can you argue against cousins? so what if he doesnt play til december and needs a few more weeks just to get his legs back, hes an ELITE player. news flash the mavs are in rebuild mode, theyre not going anywhere lol. they still got a few years before they become contenders. i say let cousins audition in dallas. the rewards outweigh the risks.

  32. Great video man.

  33. Ye, its said that Dallas want playoff right away. But tbh, it feels like its too much fame before quality. Stats might not look as good for some of the younger dudes, but with low minutes and such it always will be. Its an issue for all young players, they all is stars in college and get to play a lot, then they get to NBA and get very little playing time. Sometimes I think those 2nd liners from college would manage better. But with that said, I think there is a lot of centers that we could take that would evolve good if they got the chance. Some might be hard to get, but with our coach they will be allowed to fail some. Any great center prospects last 4 years that have gotten limited minutes? Not watched portalnd much, but how has someone like zach collins been doing? From what I read, and if I dont remember wrong from that draft, his playstyle sounded like it would fit nice with dsj and doncic. Just grabbed him out of the air now as an example since u said they might have to get rid of players. But probably a lot more ppl with knowledge about who could step up in the next 2 years if given the chance. I just dont want some big star that ruins the team, because I know that Doncic is a teamplayer and a winner. If Orlando want to free up a center spot and get rid of vucevic it would also be nice. Best for this season is obviously capela, but I think that might be very hard to get done

  34. Mo Bamba…Oh wait! They passed on him. Btw, donkey looks like a bust.

  35. I would say Demarcus the best cause he can spread the floor and make it easier for his teammates but due to his injury I'll say Clint or Jordan would be the best option cause they can play defense also rebound and good rim protector as well Randle is a PF to me he good but won't make the Mavs better he to inconsistent as well and he wouldn't be any help at all but getting one of these guys will help us BUT we still missing a few more pieces to really make us great again cause adding one of these players isn't gonna make us a threat in the playoffs at all

  36. Clint capela is the best choice for dallas and the best fit but I feel like the rockets will match any offer because I doubt they get lebron. I believe that we need to make our first backup signings, wait a couple days, and throw all of our money at him. Not gonna lie, I hopped on the Clint capela train like 2 days ago because that was when I first started considering him and researching him.

  37. How about Johnathan Motley he really impressed late last season and proved what he was capable of bringing to the team when he was given his minutes.

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