The 5 Worst Contracts in Dallas Mavericks History

Every team has its regrets as far as free agency is concerned, but that doesn’t necessarily excuse some rather terrible financial investments. Thus, DDP brings …


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  1. I still wonder if Dallas Mavs didn’t pay Brendan Haywood that money to be a starter but just a backup or let him walk if they still would keep Tyson Chandler assuming they trade for him.

  2. Kinda of surprised that Shawn Bradley didn't make this list seeing how bad played and for how much he was paid and also how long he played for the mavericks, he should be in the the #1 spot no questions asked.

  3. In regards to Damp, yes he was overpaid. But the Mavs were so bad defensively with Dirk & Nash that we needed a solid defensive center & rebounder like Damp. Was Shaq, Garnett, Duncan available for the Mavs defense??? Shawn Bradley was not going to cut it??? We don’t beat the Spurs in 2006 with Damp. The defensive presence of Damp & Diop helped make it a lot tougher for the Spurs to score easy baskets. Plus Dampier being traded for Tyson Chandler helps his stock.

  4. The 2010 All-star game trade with the Wizards (when it happened and in hindsight) was the best trade Dallas has made. Without that trade we don’t win the 2011 title. At that time it was all about beating the Lakers we needed to have the platoon on Chandler & Haywood to dethrone the Lakers!!!
    Again in hindsight (as you stated) Haywood contract was a bad move but he was a very good center in 2010 but never replicated his production after Chandler left!!!

  5. How about Chandler Parsons?

  6. I hope your channel really gets big, another great video!

  7. Great Video Darreck much love and support for your channel brother. I don't have any ideas for any future videos but I do have a few questions for you.

    Do you think the Mavs have a chance to make the playoffs?

    I say they do as high as a 6th seed and as low as a 8th seed. And do you think the Mavs Starting 5 would look like this come opening day:

    PG-Dennis Smith Jr.
    SG-Wesley Matthews
    SF-Luka Doncic
    PF- Harrison Barnes
    C-Deandre Jordan

    My final question is there any free agent who you would like the Mavericks to sign in the future?

  8. Nice one man……..

  9. I don't know why everyone hates on Barnes so much, he is a very talented player for his position and puts up good numbers. I don't see him as a #1 on a contender, but the teams that are contenders right now are pretty much stacked at every position in their starting 5 at least. We have no chance at a ring right now, and Barnes is a pretty exciting player to watch. Just give it a few years Mavs fans, we have no choice but to trust the process right now! Can't wait for Deandre lobs and Dennis Smith dunks this coming season, as well as seeing what Donic is really about. #GoMavs

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