Quick Film Session on Dallas Cowboys Sean Lee | 2017

Sean Patrick Lee is an American football linebacker in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys. He played college football at Penn State. He was selected by the …


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  1. This is my BABY!!!! LOVE SEAN LEE!!!! #50

  2. Sean lee is a monster

  3. Best defensive player in the league

  4. Dallas needs a a few more Sean Lee's on the team. What I cannot understand is why with the mutitude of picks we have has as of late is why we do not have more.

  5. Sean lee is a beast!!

  6. You should do film on jaylon smith and show why he is struggling so much

  7. He's a game changer…no doubt!! I hope all these concussions dont shorten his career though.

  8. law nation cowboys should resign sterling more thoughts?

  9. law nation any chance cowboys look at cb byron maxwell cut by miami dolphins? he is a former eagle player and former seahawk

  10. He is as a important as Aaron Rogers is to the packers

  11. Sean lee the goat I need to buy me a new number 50 jersey

  12. Welcome back bro!

  13. I need to get his jersey

  14. Yessssss law nation is back!!!


  16. Ayee you back in action.

  17. Can't count on him to stay healthy. It's always something that is ailing him.

  18. When Sean lee on the Field it’s a game changer

  19. The General!!!! Sean Lee is irreplaceable!!! Love this man!

  20. He needs to be on the squad we lost two straight without him

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