Quick Film Session on Jeff Heath + Chris Jones "The Puntisher"

Quick Film Session on Jeff Heath + Chris Jones “The Puntisher” Jeff Heath Combine Numbers College: Saginaw Valley State Number: 38 Height: 6-1 Weight: …


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  1. All these hold outs

  2. This is why we're not going to make it to the super bowl

  3. Str8 🔥🔥🔥 All over the place Heath is a beast to me and a hard hitter maybe the hardest hitter on the team!?!? 👏👏👏 LAW

  4. Man a lot of people hate Jeff Heath, I saw one guy on a message board wonder why the coaches keep giving him PT. I'm like i'll give the coaches credit here and say they studied him on film. I think it's because he's an overachiever; they don't want to believe he's as good as he is. I'm like Jeff Heath's accomplishments can't be ignored, ending Rodgers' and Alex Smith's INT streaks were not accidents. He almost forced a fumble on Rodgers too.

  5. Watching all your films on Dallas secondary makes me look at this:

    SS: Heath.
    FS: Woods (or Thomas III)
    CBs: B.Jones, Awuzie, Lewis, Brown

    That's the impression of how the secondary should look like

  6. Jeff heath is trash are you kidding me smh you smoking crack. He can’t cover he’s slow break down how he fucked up vs packers. Tackle out in space you see him on ice skates on floor all year embarrassing vs Rams. He sucks. No wonder why we see suck we got fans like this guy.

  7. Someone get Cowboys Marketing on this Puntisher tag. Make some money on a gotdamn punter.

  8. Bill Bates pt.2 😂

  9. This year every time I prayed for a defensive stop Heath has stepped up.. THE GUY IS AN ALL OUT PLAYER ALWAYS AROUND THE BALL AND WHEN HE HITS UUUUUWEEEE.💥

  10. Spead the love DEFENSE

  11. How does Skip Bayless still talk down on Heath?

  12. To me Jeff Heats Kendrick we're like the only one that showed up against the Packers playoffs last year

  13. I like heath because he can free and also strong saftey and also turn into a linebacker when the opposite team runs the ball. I’m not too sure Byron Jones is meant to play saftey. He does not help out on run defense just because he is not an aggressive player which is required to play any saftey position. I see jones as a corner covering TE or big WR’s. I see us needing to bring in a new saftey that can can come down and help stop the run and can also cover his zone I see potential in woods but we’ll also need a veteran in the secondary because scandrick is way to fragile always hurt not out there to help out our rookies Jones can take he’s spot because our rookie cornerbacks don’t look to bad. In my opinion heath can be a started from what he’s done this year any one else agree?

  14. Man we need a true free safety now thats all. I still want heath for rotation. You can never have enough db's.

  15. I don't want to trade heath but I'm not sold. He has greatly improved at the end of this season. But he has played out of position a lot as a Cowboy. Hints your comment on more consistency. I think he is a great back up safety and would like to see us draft a safety within 3 round this next year. Also would like to see Byron move to CB, and move Lewis to slot. Let me know if ya disagree. All way enjoy good football talk.

  16. I wish he would of got that fumble the game would of been over with right there

  17. Where are those fans that wanted to get rid of jeff heath at? Lol

  18. Chris Jones is awesome.

  19. Heath plays better without Scandrick,Brown and Jones on the field with him, those 4 should NEVER be playing together.

  20. They both deserved to be a pro bowler

  21. Yea Law !!!!Another dime Heath has had a few bad plays and moments…..But who on that defense hasnt this year.I chalk that up on Coaching Marrinellis sometimes laid back sit in zone let the receiver catch it approach…Heath has showed what he can do every year…But appears to be under much scrutiny.He has made way too many Big plays and Hits to give up on…Keep dropping Dimes bro!!!!

  22. I still don’t like him

  23. Diggin the videos!!Go COWBOYS!!

  24. Heath takes bad angles and sometime he gets lost in coverage but he has the hustle and tenacity to make plays. Great vid

  25. We have the best punter and kicker in the league.

  26. The puntisher is the best punter in the league

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