Quick Film Session on Dallas Cowboys Jahad Thomas

OVERVIEW Thomas wears the number five jersey as a tribute to USC Heisman Trophy winner (forfeited or not) and current NFL running back Reggie Bush.


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  1. Are you going to do more Undrafted rookie videos?

  2. Dude is the exact same as rod smith but just a lil more agile I don’t see there he fits on our team with tavon there

  3. Law Nation, how do you feel about us picking up Darius Jackson?

  4. Great vid. I'm like you. Huge fan but also a player analyzer. I'm always watching vids and grading my guys lol. Just subscribed to you looking forward to jaylons vid. He is gonna wreck house. Oh and little switzer!!

    Go cowboys

  5. I caught jaylon relying a lil too much on instinct a few times. Got himself outta POSITION. He made up for it with that hit up the middle though.

  6. Very good pick up by Dallas. Our offense will definitely be one of the best for a time to come. We are young and healthy and I haven't been this excited about my boys Defense in a while. We will surprise the league

  7. Hes a Temple guy? Wonder if he gets booed in Philly if Dallas announced him as a 7th round pick?

  8. Law, you gotta do Brian brown

  9. 'He's more quick than fast'
    Exactly. Moves like that will break a few D legs!

  10. First thing I thought when watching this was "that guy is slow." I don't expect much from him.

  11. Good vision and cutting

  12. Great work on this one Law… He has really grown on me because even though his long speed isn't great he has great vision and wiggle

  13. Good content man. The dedication and consistency is appreciated this time of year

  14. more like Berry Sanders

  15. I like that number 9 that's playing for Notre Dame.

  16. Reminds me of Joseph Randle, lol. Could have potential but I don't see him being a big part of the team.

  17. ahh thats my brother (My real brother im his little sister)❤❤❤🙌

  18. im sick as hell hearing about 40yd dash times..he obviously plays faster than a 4.62 40..he obviously beat jaylon to the outside and won the edge on that 1 play..if a guy plays fast on tape then take those combine #'s and stick'em somewhere dark!! how many times have we seen a guy run a supposedly "disappointing" 40, get drafted later than he should, then go tear up the NFL with quickness, anticipation, intelligence, physicality, awareness..this comment is aimed at gm's and scouts who either draft a guy lower than he should be or not draft him at all sumtimes almost solely based on a 40 time?? I ran track in high school and ur 40 time has alot to do with how quick u get out of that goofy stance which can change ur 40 from a 4.42 to a 4.62..no WR or RB or a DB starts in a stance like that anyway?? if u like a guy as a player and then he also looks fast on tape then freaking draft him!!!

  19. yes..I hope he does good with Dallas👍👍

  20. Christine Michael 2.0. No thanks.

  21. guy isn't super fast but he's shifty as hell, would be a nice replacement for Dunbar.

  22. Caught jaylon smith watch him get to the outside😂

  23. His acceleration is good top end speed could be better

  24. I'll take him over Morris

  25. Jaylon Smith is supposed to be a top 5 talent but he missed a lot of running lanes and had a few bad angles. Even still coach rod will get the most out of him.

  26. He's basically a gadget guy….kickoffs rarely matter anymore since they moved up the kickoff point…most kicks go through the endzone or close to it. Thomas is probably a PS candidate….the Cowboys will suit up Zeke and DMac and in a disaster scenario they could line up Switzer. There's zero reason to keep Morris around at this point…just too expensive for a 3rd string RB and he probably won't get picked up so he'll be out there if you need him.

  27. Quick Film Session on jaylon smith?

  28. Haha Damn! Jaylon Smith is all over the field Making Tackles ….. The stars are shining bright this year !!

  29. this boy is bad . replacement for dunbar . same size . like it .he will make the team – bye -bye Lucky white head .

  30. bro, his vision and cuts are incredible… he ls Leveon Bell 2.0. keep him, Jerry

  31. Law Nation you've got THE BEST breakdowns of anyone I see on YouTube as far as football knowledge.

  32. I like this keep the load of zeke and keeps the defense guessing 6th ring if defense can perfect its chemistry

  33. Good vid as always Law. With what we have on the O-line, imagine this… 3rd and 5 (or 8 whatever) Beasely and Switzer in the slots and Thomas in the backfield, and then he motions outside. If they come? how are they going to cover 3 slots AND the WRs out wide? Mismatches. Hell put him in the backfield WITH Zeke. Dak reads the D and decides whether to hand to Zeke or screen pass to Thomas. Stuff like that. Another shifty weapon. Love it.

  34. he ran a 4.6… at 190 pounds…😂

  35. That moment when you watching film of the player you trying to find out about, and he get popped but bye another cowboy 😐☺😊😁😄🔥😎✌

  36. Good film….I hope he makes the team👍

  37. This was more of a jaylon smith film than Thomas😂 btw have a u done a vid on jaylon if so Ima have to check it if not do one please love the vids

  38. this guy wont make the team… Zeke, Macfadden, Morris, Keith Smith, will be our running backs

  39. Dunbar replacement

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