The Dallas Cowboys Lance Lenoir | Behind The Scenes on How To Make Quick Film Session Videos

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  1. Larry Lacewell would suggest to put 20 lbs on him and make him a TE. That is how you build a special player.

  2. Finally we get to see how you are making your videos for quick film session. I like the editing software and the effort you put into these quick film sessions.

  3. You are my number one cowboys news . Keep up the good work man love the videos

  4. Law you should put film of for example a radiers game against a team with a similar offensive scheme to us and the same thing for defense because they are not going to use the same type of game plan to attack a 4-3 as they would an 3-4, especially with our run heavy offense they are going to change their defense so they can match up more effectively, so maybe put up film of a more run heavy team rather than just the team they played the week before?

  5. Sometimes you gotta look at who is on the field with the player. Who did Dak have? Did his best wr Ross ever get drafted? I don't think so. Yet Dak produced.

  6. I agree with your assessment, but we are kinda stacked at WR. Maybe a year on practice team and see who gets injured or leaves next year. Nice talent to have as depth.

  7. Yo law, how you like that camtasia? I use that at work.. do you find it hard to use?

  8. Hey Law, I've heard rumors that the Boy's are fed up with Dez's injury history and don't want to end up with the same situation as Romo. If this is by any means true and they are looking to trade him next year if he repeats with another injury this season, would Lenoir or Noah Brown possibly be the solution provided they make the roster or is the answer in next year's draft?

  9. he won't make the team nice size tho

  10. i highly doubt he makes the team. he's not breaking away from lower level comp. Looks solid but we'll see.. i just can't see it

  11. great crisp routes..

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