Dez Bryant Going to Destroy Janoris Jenkins This Weekend!!! #X

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  1. Lowkey he broke jenkins ankles of the line of scrimmage in the 1st Q but dak MISSED HIM AGAIN😭 he was wide FUCKIN OPEN that could've been a 50 some yd TD but he went to beastly instead for an easy 1st down.

  2. This is so sad lmao! You need a clip of one bad play made by Jenkins back when he was on an ass team to make you feel good about the matchup! Maybe Dez wasn't 100% last year, only he knows that, and still, if he was at 75% then maybe he'll get 3 catches for 50 yards, still not a good game lol

  3. How many yards did he get last year against him?

  4. Giants fans: janoris Jenkins shutdown dez. But take away Landon Collins and have Jenkins 1on1 with Dez he's going to struggle, With Ryan Switzer and Cole Beasley in the slot that's deadly we can attack the Giants linebackers DRC is Old Jenkins needs a safety to help him if y'all Giants fans think he's the best corner in the league can he cover Antonio brown can he cover Julio Jones Dez will be ready tomorrow Zeke going to play angry and have the Mamba mentality

  5. I hope Dez eats him! Gotta shut Shannon Sharpe up

  6. only penalties and turnovers could stop the Dallas offense….just too many weapons. I'm thinking Zeke might have a slight chip on his shoulder this weekend also.

  7. I've been saying this since the schedule was released des haz been grinding hard waiting for this moment to destroy the jack rabbit himself Jenkins got dez in December dez is going over 100 yards and 2 tds Tomorrow. All this talk how good the Giants d is. We putting at least 30 on them tomorrow.

  8. The battle of throw up the x vs jackrabbit. I cant wait to see who wins. Also don't forget about battle of drc vs dez too.

  9. Law, hey I'm glad you FINALLY said it. No one else seems to want go admit it. Sex has been injired the past two seasons. He is finally what, H-E-A-L-T-H-Y!! Janoris "JACKASS" Jenkins can't cover a healthy Dez. The hater also forget, just like ALL the so called "experts" out there forget, in 2015, he had no off-season, amd played with shitty QBs.. In 2016 he was injured and it was his first year with Dak. You see, they have what's called a connection and trust in each other now. Bruh…. Its gonna be a nightmare for defenses.

  10. No offence but my opinion Jenkins is top 5 at corner he's almost underrated very smart corner and dangerous once he has the ball Dez will get torched

  11. I'm a Cowboys fan but after last year Dez is definitely the underdog going into this matchup. 2 catches for 16 yards and a fumble last season in two games.

  12. Funny how you didn't show what he did last year to him tho

  13. Lets go! Cant wait. GO COWBOYS⭐

  14. lol no he isn't keep dreaming dude

  15. Lmao, u have to go back to Two years ago when jackrabbit had Jeff fisher aka the worst head coach in the history of the NFL, don't worry, JJ will make cryant his bitch as usual one on one, while apple had a great training camp, has no problem locking up Williams, and finally DRC wins the matchup against beasly in the slot

  16. Cowboys are FIRED UP! They have no excuse not to win this game!

  17. Dez on that route is cash. It's basically the same exact play as the one with Josh Norman.

  18. Yea thats nice and all but this is before he had a saftey like landon collins watching his back. Even if he gets beat (which he did in both games last year) Landon was right there to pick up

  19. that was as they say"textbook"

  20. Man I love football sundays I just wish they were on Saturday instead

  21. I hope dez does. We do have other options, however.

  22. Ran exceptionally. 👏🏾

  23. Where did " Jack Rabbit " go @ 0:08 ??


  24. Dez is going to be locked innnnnnnn

  25. And lit is what is shall be called!

  26. Fantasyyyyyyy teaaaam

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