Quick Film Session on Daryl Washington

Overview Washington had his most impressive season as a collegiate football player in his first year as a starter for TCU. Washington lead the Horned frogs with …


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  1. This guy has the potential to be a serious game changer for the Dallas Cowboys.

  2. next to Patrick Willis, I thought this guy was arguably the best ILB in all of football a few years back.Very underrated.Had he played for the Steelers or Cowboys, he would've got more props

  3. Bring him in , Law Nation could Washington war daddy on free agent market? With out breaking the bank!

  4. The good thing about signing someone in Daryl Washington's position is he is a top talent but he has NO leverage in negotiations. You can sign him to a contract for a year for little of nothing and maybe add on a team option for a second year. If he doesn't work out you can cut him and it won't hurt you cap wise. If you need to sweeten the deal to sign him, add on some incentives. Nothing major. Keep it simple and cheap. I say go for it but only at the right price (cheap).

  5. Have we go him yet or what?

  6. he's 31 already tho

  7. I gots to love this video

  8. Hey Law anythng new on Washington?

  9. How am I just now finding this channel? Great commentary and insight. Subbed 🔥🔥🔥

  10. what do you think if we get Washington and Sherman. I'm thinking SB

  11. Cowboys want him i say give him a chance you learn alot about yourself in 3 years hope he has changed! if he is still this good would be a huge steal for the Boys!

  12. Yea man you keep giving us the films and knowledge on these players. great stuff.At 30 Physical skills start to diminish including time away from competing .Lets hope the man is wiser and smarter wherever he ends up.Definitely a talent

  13. are we signing him

  14. Love you fam, This guy can ball. But… BUT Can we rehabilitate him? We missed on some studs before this. I just hope this isn't another distraction. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Him and Jaylon would make a HELL of a combo outside Lee.

  15. You know we like to sign the alternative school kids….bring him on Cowboys…..let's try him out for a year🤞🏽

  16. On the real, you are better than those losers on ESPN

  17. can he play weak side ? lee-Smith- and him ?

  18. Give him a chance, cast the first stone, those who are without sin or issues.

  19. ok, so what's left in his tank though? He's been away from the game 3 yrs.

  20. This guy is a beast no doubt…
    But is a gamble, don't know if his down with doing stupid of the field incidents.

  21. Well they gave Hardy and McClain second chances. Maybe the third time's a charm idk.

  22. this guy is a beast wanting the ball playing aggressively . just hope he's done with the off the field issues

  23. He's a disease….suspended the first 4 games of 2013 for drugs….pleaded guilty to assaulting his girlfriend…then got a 3 year suspension…can you imagine how much stupid shit you have to do to get a THREE year suspension from the NFL ? Let some other team have the "next Greg Hardy"….I'm done with these types.

  24. get him for depth at least

  25. looks like troy Polamalu at linebacker

  26. Law nation I like this guy and his versatility at inside linebacker and outside linebacker. As for if the cowboys are looking for a inside linebacker they should look at perry Riley and Gerald Hodges. Do you think jaylon smith could move to outside linebacker if they sign a perry Riley, Gerald Hodges or a Darryl Washington? I know jaylon smith plays MLB and that Sean lee player that spot and moved to OLB.

  27. "Gimmie your soul" – Hood Shang Tsung

  28. He's going to be a steal for somebody, especially if he can stay clean off the field. I wish the Cowboys would take a chance, but don't know if he's a changed person.

  29. He's 4 years older then this film now. He's about 30 and hasn't played football for a while. I wonder if he will still be as explosive and effective. If he is then welcome to Dallas.

  30. I used to user him on madden

  31. Dallas should grab em

  32. Talented player, but i really hope he will not be a Cowboy. We don't need another player to fail us with suspensions and ruin this locker room.

  33. I love your videos bro.

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