Dallas Cowboys VS NY Giants All 22 Film 2016

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  1. Hello LawNation – how were you able to download all-22 footage from Gamepass/Rewind? I haven't been able to do it myself and I'm very curious on how it is done. Thanks, CO'R

  2. Most the time I can't even see all 22 guys either, bunch of frauds.

  3. How am I suppose to some real scouting when its this damn hazy??

  4. U should do more

  5. Giants play calling was horrible and so was Eli.

  6. it's all good we just had a bad night receivers weren't getting open DAK wasn't himself he got to calm down and use his feet to escape the pocket more to give more time to his receivers

  7. Lee was a monster. i just hit your twitter btw

  8. Overall amazing coverage. Can't completely blame Dak, bad play calling on our part.

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