J.J. Wilcox signs 2-year, $8.5 million deal with Buccaneers

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  1. The Algorithm that I use only can pickup Turnovers. So only Fumbles and Interceptions from JJ Wilcox, in order for me to pick out the big hits and the tackles,  I would have to individually watch every game  and I just don't have the time for that.. I am not intending to make Highlight films that is not my style nor my intentions.

  2. just when our players get good ….they hit the road…..claiborne….mincey….hatcher….

  3. J.J. WILCOX is good for Cowboys

  4. One of the dumbest moves of this upcoming season

  5. Dallas is going to miss Wilcox and Church this year. Church and Lee were there best tacklers last year.Mo played well for some of last year but reverted back to playing bench; as he has for much of his career.
    Carr was the most consistent starter but there are better CBs out there. Good thing they still have Heath cause he is the kind of guy you want out there.

  6. looking forward to seeing him play as a buccaneer

  7. Well the bucs got him. Really sucks now because a lot of our key players are leaving on defense I just hope Jerry Jones knows what he's doing… 😳 #FreeAgency

  8. He stepped up last year

  9. they better fucken keep him

  10. JJ is a hard hitter and knows his d might fly pass a tackle every now and then but if he can get his speed under control he will line them up just right😎JJ STAYS!!

  11. I like your vids

  12. Man hands down I'm taking JJ over Church an sorry ass heath. Please bring him back

  13. he's a big hitter but whiffs on a lot of tackles lol

  14. we need to keep and Barry they wilcox is the hard hitter church hits hard but is a better open feel tackler

  15. No hit where he blew Odell up?

  16. no deal. while he is decent at the line of scrimmage he does take bad angles, he lacks in coverage (despite his interceptions) and barry church has already taken his place. there is no need to take up cap space when you can find someone in the draft and get them for a lot cheaper too.

  17. kind of a roy Williams ki d of play KEEP

  18. deal hard hitter good on special teams and will be cheap

  19. Keep him because I want to see more of him when he keeps playing for Dallas!!!!

  20. He's a HITTER! ….something the Cowboy's Defense is lacking; a decent ball hawk; quality depth aka a Keeper!

  21. keep Wilcox's in my opinion he makes wr's think twice before turning and running by just knowing his there lol

  22. I would like to keep him too but I don't see it happening

  23. You missed a lot of huge hits, wilcox is a big hitter he put the hit stick on a couple of players this season I would've loved to see those hits in this video really would've made it better

  24. If the projections about his market value are true then he'll most likely sign with another team because it's more than the Cowboys are willing to pay for him.

  25. i would love him to come back but if we really cant sign him I'll pass and either sign church or put heath over them

  26. I think the first 3 years Wilcox was here I have to admit, I was really hard on the guy, He coverage was horrible and his angles for tackles where ridiculous. This past season JJ Wilcox really came on not only as a special teams player but a more consistent SS. Just for filling in for a injured Barry Church after losing his starting job to Bryon Jones. I have to admit he really came on. I think if the Cowboys get rid of Church, I would love to see JJ Wilcox come back on a 3 year deal.

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