Owners meetings mean things are happening for the Cowboys

What’s going on in Arizona?

NFL owners are meeting in Arizona and every fiber in my body is hoping that they’re standing on a corner somewhere in Winslow.

It’s typically at these meetings where change is made and news unveils itself. These are also landmarks of sorts over the offseason that let you know exactly where we are. We’ve got two shows for you today that dive in to what’s going on.

Brews & The ‘Boys

Last week was a busy one for the Cowboys as they mitigated their loss of Cole Beasley by signing Randall Cobb. Dallas has been shopping the free agency market but also trying to swing a trade for DE Robert Quinn. The guys talk about the calculated risks the Cowboys are taking and piece together what we know so far in free agency.


Whaddup World!

NFL owners meetings roll on and on Tuesday we finally got hear from Jason Garrett a bit. Check out the latest episode of OchoLive as we discuss everything he said, what it all could mean, and the things still pending for the Cowboys. Plus, the contract details for George Iloka are out and Dallas did some great work.


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