Zeke Elliott Training Camp Film Session 2017

Zeke Elliott Practice Session 2017 @ Oxnard, California Subscribe And Like On All Social Media Accounts Music By AmprodBeats …


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  1. Brad focus on WHO is leading the 33 year "investigation" into Elliott. The NFL probe is evidently being led by NY sex crimes lawyer Lisa Friel. Goodell has apparently had little involvement in the 33 year probe. However the best part is this: Friel is a DIEHARD NY GIANTS lover!!! Great isn't it?? A bourgeois female lawyer and diehard NY Giants fan seeking to cook Elliott!!!

  2. So many stars 😲

  3. Darren McFadden rushes for 1000 yards and a 4-12 season, no one bats an eye

    Ezekiel Elliot rushes for 1600 yards and a 13(14)-3 record and now all of a sudden you can put ANY starting running back and they'd do better than Elliot.

  4. Man great video I played football from 5th to 12th I was a wr I didn't know some of info you shared. I was the best on the team till high school then of course he comes Quicy Morgan I never saw a football my way again.

  5. Law Nation I am impressed with the VARIETY of film sessions that you do GREAT JOB. 🙂

  6. Aye I see you got a new intro

  7. Have you done quick film session on Andy Jones? I'm assuming D. Bryant, Brice Butler, Cole Beasley, Ryan Switzer, and Terrence Williams are locks for our WR. Trying to decide who's likely to get that last WR spot Andy Jones or Noah Brown. What do you think?

  8. Thanks Mr. Shanks…👍.

  9. Your videos keep getting better better fam keep up the good work

  10. Great vid law. keep it up.

  11. Great video man, I love watching these film sessions and can't wait for the season!!!

  12. Great video! Do you know what ezekiel's 40 time was?

  13. Love the new intro Law

  14. He had five fumbles? I only remember 2

  15. Oh and dope background beat!

  16. Please get our Dbs and WR's 👏

  17. If you can post some video of jaylon tomorrow since it's rumored that he's going to be involved in contact practice, thanks!

  18. I was hoping you'd do a training camp video! Keep up the great work!

  19. Zeke the freak is a monster

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