Tony Romo Interceptions from 2012-2015 Explained

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  1. i dont think its just the cowboys fanbase that cries, its everybody. same thing would happen if a video of interceptions was posted about other quarterbacks. internet shit talkers, political correctness, and victimization are more to blame

  2. That int against the Broncos in 2013 basically sums romos career up in a nut shell

  3. The win or go home game vs the redskins was a backbreaking loss for me…. a little bit of hope in Romo died that evening.

  4. No wonder why every time Dak dropped back I was expecting an interception,. So glad we have a qb that takes care of the ball. Much needed for a long time, now we need some defenders that will get us the ball, much needed

  5. dude…DO NOT ever explain….the Romosexuals are just crybabies.

  6. Bro, you don't gotta explain nothing. Keep doing what you do man, you should be hired by the Cowboys as a content provider.

    Also gotta say thank you for not being another shitty wannnabe youtuber making reels with stupid music in the background. The tape is all we need and sir, you deliver, thanks for what you do man.

  7. fuck it Law people will bitch no matter what you do. keep the videos coming i love romo but people gotta quit getting so worked up over a damn Internet video

  8. yea i am chill wit you posting stuff like this. i mean i watch alot of film wit dallas to see what i should fix wit my friends (as we play on the same football team) and we watch our specific positions to see what needs improvement from us. so both good and bad film isn't wrong. it helps some people like me and my friends

  9. I don't mind the video and actually glad you posted it. Shows not every is perfect.

  10. man go all the way in on these boys wit the full career breakdown on tony chokemo

  11. My question is, why are your videos in like 24 fps?

  12. Law speaking that truth!

  13. U The Best My Boi. Keep It Coming

  14. i just dont understand why do it?? its over and done! makes no sense.

  15. I'm not going a damn place, you the only nigga posting actual good quality games lol.

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