Courtney Lawes- Search and Destroy- Biggest hits

Courtney Lawes is a professional rugby player for Northampton Saints, who play in the Aviva Premiership. Lawes is a versatile player, and can play either in the …


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  1. what a nightmare playing 10 against him

  2. So basically he’s a expert at tackling people after the balls gone

  3. just 3 tackles on mans with the ball

  4. I love how he smashes French players because they had Chabal and now it's their turn

  5. ‘He’s tackling late’
    Piss off. If you saw a Courtney Lawes come at you at full pelt you’re going to piss yourself and potentially make a bad pass.

  6. The terror of every fly half ever. Also, does he have something against Farrell?

  7. He's a beast…but at least half of these are late and cynical tackles.

  8. Whats the Song at the beginning of the Video?

  9. Official speciality : late tackles on 9s and 10s. Ugly rubgy at its worse

  10. Everyone saying they are late, a) its in slowmo, b) If you pulled out of a tackle because the ball might not be there when you arrived, we would be playing netball…….

  11. Stupid bitch Lawes. Some tackles are dangerous…

  12. The title of this should be 'Courtney Lawes late and dangerous hits on players half his size'. This is called karma,

  13. How many late tackles

  14. This is a perfect timing for late tackle

  15. It would actually be possible to duck his tackles because he is so high and commited

  16. I think he's selected for his intelligence primarily.

  17. He really smashing his national teammates

  18. People who say he tackles late and only tackles number 9s what about in the six nations 1 week ago when he smashed the number 8 from France 🇫🇷 🔥

  19. A montage of blind siding 10s who are half his size… impressive….

  20. you serious? hes cherry picking the small halves and five eights when they are passing or pre occupied easy to smash someone who isn't looking – post some videos of him tackling someone who is his size and who is running straight at him and see if he can still lay them out – this video is a joke

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