Dallas Cowboys Trade For Robert Quinn – DeMarcus Lawrence out?

In this video I talk about the moves the Cowboys have made! What grade did i give them? Gotta watch to find out! Super pumped by these moves! Let’s NATION!


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  1. Come on kid…..report the right and accurate news!!!!! DL is not out…They got Quinn because the other end can't stop SMOKING WEED…..Do your research…


  3. I totally disagree about Heath starting over Iloka! Iloka is a better player than Heath, and if he proves not to be, then for the defenses sake they better find someone to take over Heath's starting job. Heath has been the weak spot on defense for the past two years.

  4. Trade frank Clark for tank…

  5. FYI Von Miller got that contract in 2016 my dude! 6 years 114 million – 70m Guaranteed back then!
    This is 3 years later and the cap has gone up 22.5% since then. That's 6 years 140 million 85m Guaranteed
    You are being silly. Mr Bear got that deal last year + his team had to give up 2 1st Round Picks…..
    6 years 141 million…..1 million more than Miller's deal in the present.
    D-Law is asking for less 6 years 138 to start negotiations – or 5 years 115. He'll take 110 I'd Guarantee it……in line on an ever increasing cap
    We are RIGHT NOW paying 20.5. So half of Jason Witten's 4.25M……2.125M is the difference you pretend is outlandish.
    Just✋ it!!!
    DeMarcus Lawrence earned his money.

    Thank and Blame Steven Jones for this not D-Law. Trey Flowers the 6th rated DE got 5 years 90 million. Steven could have had Lawrence for 5 years 80 last year and 5 years 50 2 years ago with 3 years left at Tyrone Crawford numbers but noooooo, no loyalty. Now you'll pay market value or lose the number 2 rated guy, your best defender, and leader and harming our team; and you fanboys want to put that on Tank and not ownerdship. PLEASE!!

    Market value for Tank is now 5 years 110 million – 66M Guaranteed 30M Signing Bonus minimum. Pay the man!

  6. This move is good for the defense and helps us with the pass rush overall

  7. Earlier in Free Agency I gave them a C. Now I give them a strong B trending to a B+ maybe A-.

    Get a deal done with D Law that's fair. Move on to your other resigns and pick up some rb depth. The guy from Green Bay may work.

  8. Great pick up but no. Quinn is not meant to be D Laws replacement.
    If, we move on from Tank. He would be a piece to the puzzle.
    We are still missing multiple pieces on the D Line to replace D Law.
    Anything's possible but should be the last option.

  9. Nice DCFN is wearing glasses like me which looks cool in my opinion

  10. Quinn and Tank oooo shit.

  11. Let's get some picks for d law he didnt come around til it was time to get paid

  12. Here's my thing with Tank, he is asking for nearly $23 million a season sorry but he isn't worth it when Quinn who is better is making $8 million. Tank is more like $17 to 18 million a season


    Quinn on the right, Tank on the left = dominance

    ☆ GO COWBOYS!!! ☆

  14. Anyone have anything on my favorite Pot Head? Randy G?

  15. I agree….this deal will get done. Yes Quinn/Tank…..wow!!!!!

  16. This was a great move and I still think d law will a long term deal

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