1. Best place to lose ten pounds in 30 seconds

  2. Be safe during this storm if you and your family are near.

  3. About 1,000 pumps lol

  4. I know were that is went there befer

  5. Wat part of TX u live n

  6. Law Nation just opened in Katy, Tx. 100 gas pumps! Always busy ! State of Louisiana ( West of Baton Rouge) lost out on Buc-cee's !

  7. I go to school like 10 miles away from there

  8. Endless amount of pumps lol

  9. Welcome too texas my friend not only is it best but the largest it has one in Baytown and Houston.

  10. That's a gas station? Lol

  11. Cheapest beer and cigs around. I stop in at least once a week.
    The food there is pretty damn good too!


  13. Welcome to Texas. Welcome to the Metroplex. Keep on keeping on

  14. Law nation in big D. Finally

  15. Where in Texas is this buc ees I might visit it if it is in the DFW area?

  16. Bucees is 🔥 I stop there all the time when I head down to Houston

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