17 African American Women Judges celebrate Historic Moment

On the heels of making history and inspiring a nation, the 17 African American female judges of Harris County in Texas were honored by the Harlem …


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  1. Most Blacks talk about skin color when electing this person, or that person, because blacks/democrat voters care less about substance than color with popularity. Wasn't MLK the one who said that he 'Has a Dream that One day we will judge a person NOT BY THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, but by THE QUALITY OF THEIR CHARACTER'. Way to go you idiots. Way to set the standard of QUALIFICATIONS to an all time low by electing blacks because 'they are my color'… You fools

  2. Hi I'm on of the girls there I don't know who you are but now I do I was confused of all this

  3. I watch you guys when you were in Brandon

  4. The best basketball team ever

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  6. The best team in the world there so kind


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  9. This is so cool! πŸ’•πŸ€ͺπŸ€

  10. Coolest people ever

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  12. We shouldnt call them African Americans anymore. Since they are about 5-6 generations into America, we should start calling them Americans. Proud Americans.

  13. Love you guys and girls you do a great job and I wish I could come and see you all

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  15. Does Bionic remember that I took a selfie with him

  16. Way to support them Globetrotters! Can u tag us?

  17. That is great that y’all did that for those kids

  18. Bet u won’t like i love u guys

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