Dallas Cowboys pick Leighton Vander Esch ILB Boise State for the 19th pick1

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  1. Prow Bowler in his first year and future All Pro. Brian Urlacher 2.0

  2. Dallas Cowboys are being built for the future there are superstars on this team and that's not really the same thing you can say for a lot of other teams in the league when you have Superstars and they work together that spells championships the Cowboys in the next five years could be the first team to win 7 Super Bowls.

  3. Second team All-Pro as a rookie. Given Sean Lee's recurring health issues, Cowboys nailed this one.

  4. Didn't Cowboy fans want them to get Ridley or DJ Moore?

  5. Got Superbowls to win baby! 😉

  6. Welcome fight! You got this baby! Go get yours Dallas Cowboys!

  7. Vander each rocks

  8. Law nation was borderline racist towards this man “man I wanna killer , a strong black man “

    Eat your heart out bitches

  9. My Cowboys have done a lot of dumb things throughout the years but our draft picks have been SOLID. Especially these last 5 years.

  10. Barring injury, he's going to be something special a guy who won't get hurt like Sean Lee.

  11. I want to apologize to vander esch I was one of the cowboys fans to say this was a dumb pick….glad he proved me wrong 💯 amazing dude

  12. Thank you sean lee but LVE is my new friend now

  13. This here ladies and gentlemen is a ManBeast.

  14. Damn, he is psychic too? SUPERBOWL!

  15. My bad Leighton, I honestly boo that night on the pick 🤣.. I’m sorry Man …let go Cowboys💯🔥🔥🔥

  16. Cowboys schooling the critics…..we have had some great picks in the past few seasons….

  17. I'll be the first one to say I wasn't sure about this pick I was unsure how the pick would turn out and now I'm not unsure anymore he is a SUPERSTAR now…

  18. Went from nobody in Dallas didn't like the pick to the next Sean Lee, maybe even better

  19. Sorry no big hug for you godell im a,cowboys player fuck ya

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