BTB Q&A: The offseason continues to roll on

Let’s gather around the campfire.

Welcome to another week in the NFL offseason, friends.

We’re officially in April this time which means that the NFL Draft is just around the corner. Between now and then we’ll have the Final Four, NCAA Championship Game, The Masters, and the return of Game of Thrones. Life isn’t all too bad.

Obviously we’re itching to get back to Dallas Cowboys football though which is why we all live here at BTB. We’ve started a new tradition around these parts with a weekly Q&A that takes place every Wednesday at 3pm ET, and looking at the time and calendar it looks like it’s time to get down to chatting.

What questions do you have about the Cowboys, life, or television? I’m here for the next hour or so and will circle back after that if there are some that I missed. Let’s talk, fam a lam. Drop your questions in the comments and the party can begin.

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