LUCAS PAQUETA – Welcome to Milan – Insane Skills, Goals & Assists – 2018 (HD)

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  1. It's been a while but I'm back with the videos and they are better than ever before! After 5 whole years of the same thing, I feel that the channel needed a revamp. New logo, new video layout, new types of videos, new everything!

    I plan on being consistent with the videos this season but most of all I want to be more interactive with you all. So that means I will respond to as many comments as I can after a video is up, answer your questions, much more voting for upcoming videos and really be engaged to build this community.

    Thank you to all that have supported along the way and if you are new then welcome! – SN

  2. New Neymar JR 🇧🇷😎

  3. Although not temporary, if the mans weakness is finishing then why was he given the #10 jersey

  4. hope he plays in EPLlooks much more suited to it than previous brazilians

  5. Best player Brazilian of actuality

  6. brazil always have young potential players every year

  7. The music is annoying

  8. Si le quitas el sonido a el video no parece tan bueno

  9. Name of the song?

  10. I dont like him. He keeps floping like a fish and slows down the game. Fancy moves but thats not enough. Needs to be less weak. Naymar 2.0

  11. Exactly like Neymar.. Unnecessary dribbling and weak.

  12. I fucking hate this kind of inconsequential dribblers. The art of dribbling is getting past other players with the ball to get faster from point A to point B. I hope this guy will learn to tone down the circus tricks because some of the stuff in this video doesn't help a team at all.

  13. Que video mas mierda este mejora ese sonido basura

  14. He is just enjoying the game

  15. ネイマールみたいにすぐ転ぶような選手にはなってほしくない、ドリブラーだから当たり強いのは仕方ないけど

  16. O AC Milan acabou de contratar um jogador com muita raça ,poder de marcação, ladrão de bola,técnica pura pensa rápido, joga com a bola no pé, sabe bater falta

  17. come on scoutnation, just pay for the music rights, thats just cheap. hahaha

  18. He is that one u have to tackle hard on hahahahahaha

  19. al massimo questo è da mettere davanti alla sa difendere..alla Pirlo insomma..sperando che abbia visione di gioco. Dico tutto questo perchè è lento..

  20. the next pirlo. forza milan

  21. paqueta will be like rivaldo

  22. quero ver ele dar essas firulinhas na frente de Koulibaly, Chiellini, etc

  23. Too much skill than passing

  24. sto giocatore è utile come un buco di culo sul gomito

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