Gareth Anscombe – The Welsh Wizard | Tribute

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  1. Can you do wes goosen?

  2. Gareth Anscombe is a Kiwi, as becomes obvious the moment he speaks

  3. Amazing video, I think you should do like rugby legends, eg Shane Williams 😉

  4. Where do you get the videos. Is there a specific website?

  5. Superb as always, can you do a playlist of your favourite music? 🎧

  6. Could you do a Ben Smith one soon ✌️

  7. Fantastic player and video

  8. Yeah i think you mean kiwi wizard

  9. I still believe a kicker like Farrell is better than anscombe

  10. Awesome video can u do Henry slade

  11. Savage player can you do a Josh van da flier next

  12. Great vid 👍🏽

  13. Good player and you are the best BSPORTV.

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