State of the Nation: Miguna's deportation

Lawyer Miguna Miguna’s deportation caused controversy in the political scene. Ken Mijunga discusses the implications and legality of the state act with political …


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  1. This time round Gabriel has displayed high level of ignorance. Just wondering how partisan politics can do to a man. What a pity

  2. This presenter still doesn't know that Uhuru Kenyatta is the constitutional president of the republic of Kenya, Where did he go to school? his IQ is very low

  3. In using the same logic used to deport Miguna, shouldn't Uhuru's certificate given by iebc be revoked in the interest of public safety. Uhuru shouldn't have been rewarded with another election when it was obvious he interfered with iebc to defy court order to open the server. Instead the supreme court should vacate both the rulings and judgement of 8th Aug and 26th Oct presidental results petitions unless iebc and jubilee can show good faith and open the server for scrutiny. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Or is the law only applied to NASA and not jubilee? Is the executive above the law? Or more specifically, is Uhuru the LAW and 'new' constitution?

  4. Gabriel was destroyed. He lost his temper. Hard to justify jubilee untruths. Gabriel should be put to argue with Bichache. Kizungu mingi one side.

  5. Jubilee gets its revenge against Gladys Wanga after she is dropped from the prestigious PSC, a parliamentary committee. It looks like Jubilee is working with Wiper and ANC.

  6. Gordec represents America and America recognize Uhuru as legally elected president of Kenya.
    I heard that the the cup for world cup tournament is here and it is only the president of the country who is allowed to touch it.
    We will wait and see who between Raila and Uhuru will be allowed to touch it na siku hio watu wata njua ni nani President
    If miguna is still in the country and be taken to court, kenya will be burning as we talk . Miguna has declared himself as a terrorist who is planning to topple the government by arms. Which country can entertain someone who want to bring bloodshed in our country ?
    International communities all know that miguna is a leader of a terrorist group and he should not be allowed to come back.

  7. Godec please do a reflection on yourself using Gibbs model of reflection

  8. Gabriel Muthuma you have someting which many like nasa don't have lack of Knowledge. Muthuma stand with that Wisdom.

  9. The problem with Gabriel he doesn't like the truth

  10. this kikuyu guy does not fit this panel..he argues baby

  11. This muthuma guy argues to win, in an intellectual argument you present facts and then let the facts decide . In this debate he was totally in a bar room debate mode overlooking facts, heckling, misrepresenting facts and all. In the case of Miguna's citizenship he was told Canada does not require you to denounce your previous country's citizenship in order to qualify as a Canadian citizen then he says Kenya does not recognize that. Then, Kenya should not recognize Miguna's Canadian citizenship not his kenyan one. His translation of adhering to court orders is so sad. This are the people who were afraid of Miguna no facts just bar room uninformed arguments. He argues to win which is very amateur.

  12. Please when you sender your own Country, And get a pass foto for another Country , is very hard to call yourself again Cityzen of your country anymore. It's always hard to everyone in Europe or America.

  13. Ken, citizenship CAN be withdrawn. The United States, for e.g., withdraws people's citizenship all the time.

  14. In  2012 Caroli Omondi said Miguna was fired from the Prime Minister's office because of his bad manners. NASA is actually happy to be rid of him.

  15. If Miguna is not careful, he will be declared persona non grata. The US is looking keenly at this self declared chocolate soldier.

  16. The wheels are fast coming off the NASA bus to Canaan. Will it make it there?

  17. how can we stay together in a country where some people think its ok to exile Kenyans because they do not conform to the government

  18. How is your Kikuyu wife doing Godec?

  19. Puppets of jubelee " Bob Godec " shut up

  20. Godec you should just shut up and go home, stop meddling in Kenyan issue

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