All 16 Harlem Globetrotters Guinness World Records

We currently hold 16 active Guinness World Records! They are: . Highest basketball slam dunk – Michael Wilson 2009 (12ft) . Farthest Basketball Shot Made …


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  1. Dude perfect broke most of these but ok

  2. All that that is incredible. I can't do 1/10 of what you guys did there and not at any time in my life. Just hopefully someone figures out how to do a 2 handed normal jump shot from 70+ feet. If I did it 10-15 years ago with the shape I was in, I know you guys can and then some.

  3. Are they even a human? How could they have known?

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  5. Dude perfect is better

  6. Cool Video!

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  8. Amazing loved the video

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  10. Can I join the Harlem globetrotters

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  12. Dwight Howard dunk on a 12 ft rim

  13. The best team

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