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  1. The whole situation with players switching provinces is just supply and demand. When Munster had a surplus players were going East. And now that the Leinster academy is firing out players they are going elsewhere to get starts(Or better pay, Nick McCarthy hasn't a hope of beating out Murray. Had a better chance of starting at Leinster)
    Its unfortunate when your home province loses a talent, especially one like Joey, but that's professional sport. Ireland clearly comes first. And if we want to stay competitive internationally, it needs to stay that way.

  2. Carberry wasn't first choice at Leinster, that's the reason he moved and fair play to him for doing it. We all want to paddle our own canoe don't we. Munster got lucky so what. Pack it in Leinster about it, he's gone end of.

  3. Munster is an addiction. Its the Treaty Stone. Its the hurling team in summer and the fans on the way to Semple Stadium. Its the rugby team in winter on the way to Thomond Park. Its the history. The great players of the past in all codes. The wins, losses, failures, triumphs. Munster is more than a club or a code. Munster is a country and a city. Its the parts and the sum of the parts and the people great and small. Live there for a few years and wild horses wouldn't drag you out of it. That's what Carbery had bought into. Connacht has this as well. Leinster doesnt.

  4. Imagine being a young, Irish out half and being told there is a chance you could get ROG's shirt?

  5. Ger Gilroy really is a clueless nonce. You get the feeling that as soon as he leaves a room, everyone else breathes a sigh of relief

  6. Great effort at hiding your biased against and disdain for Munster.
    Why dont you just wear a blue shirt during these segments altogether.
    Were you worried about provincial dilution when Leinster pilfered from CONNACHT on a regular basis?

  7. It should all come down to what's best for the Ireland team. Gotta agree with Neil there.

  8. Jesus Christ, get over yourselves, The Pale.

  9. That Ger guy is a compleat tard…a troll that hurts the ears

  10. Leave ger out of munster topics he has some serious hang ups.

  11. honestly this Gilroy lad can't hide his disdain for Munster at all. he says he's just putting it out there about a dilution of the connect between Munster players and fans. yes there are not as many Munster born players I the squad at present but these guys, no matter where they are from, represent our home and for that we love them. Gilroy will keep driving HIS narrative the same way he did when Carberry left Leinster. objective journalism me hole!

  12. dont forget all the "Leinster legends" like Sean Cronin, Mike Ross, Eoin Reddan (the list goes on) who all came from munster. Could come up with some more names from ulster aswell. They all made a big impact in leinster so im not being sarcastic when i say Leinster legends im just saying you cant just buy big players and not expect players like Carbery to leave for more gametime in return.

  13. Ger's wee ginger girlfriend's gettin a bit feisty!!! I reckon he'll be havin one of the wrist later!!!

  14. Carbery is a class act. Will be the best player in the world

  15. Didn't Ger imply Stephen Kenny was anti-immigrant for saying he would be against bringing the residency rule into soccer? Now that Leinster can be hurt by losing players to other provinces, it's super important that the players be from where they're playing? Was Leinster's Heineken Cup win hurt by having Ross and Reddan in the team? If the worry is damaging the brand of the provinces by interprovincial transfers, what hurts a team more: Leinster losing their second choice players looking for game time, or Connacht losing the first Lion they'd produced since 1983?

    Off the Ball has always had a massive Leinster bent, but this issue is where its most nakedly obvious. They tend to harp on about "what's best for Ireland" but only when it overlaps with what's best for Leinster.

  16. " bandwagon " I was at the Leinster v Munster semi in landsdown road 2006 saw about 10 Leinster supporters all day , Munster win a few European cups , Ireland's win a grand slam and suddenly the blue bandwagon brigade is born .Lol .

  17. JJ has grown this year.. are you serious! Did you watch the first half against zebre last Wknd.. Awful!!

  18. Ger… Will you ever… Get over it!!!!

  19. Ger is clearly a new found rugby fan clearly a new found Leinster fan because the level he bashes munster at is plain ignorant and disrespectful

  20. Requiring players to play for provinces to represent Ireland is just as much of an external Nucifora influence but Ger doesn’t get squeamish over that if it means half the Leinster (& Munster) squad aren’t in France or England.

  21. It's a professional game, as a Dubliner AND Munster fan I care not from where Carbery hails…

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