$10,000 for EAGLE FEATHERS?

Fine if you are caught with this. This is also Episode 1 of the Lost in Fish Paradise series. Find out what the $10000 Fine could be for! ******SUBSCRIBE HERE!


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  1. Feather laws in the U.S. are strict due too the demand on feathers for White woman's hats. Feather hunters almost decimated many species around the turn of the twentieth century for this demand. Even for us ndns you have to have a permit and not every ndn can get one of those.

  2. What type of eagle was that. Cause it was no bald eagle. No immature or mature golden or bald eagle have all white spike feathers

  3. A bald eagle tail feather is not suppose to look like a primary wing feather are you sure that's a tail feather of a mature bald eagle

  4. Those aren’t eagle feathers those are goose and swan feathers because the brown feathers would be too small and the so-called tail feather looks like a wing feather was obviously not eagle

  5. That's not an eagle tail feather. Dude doesn't know what he's talking about. That's a WING feather. Probably from a swan . I didn't get a look at the brown feathers he was holding. Those could be eagle but are more likely goose. I didn't get a good enough look at them to make a positive ID. I know feathers, I work with them every day.
    I am a card carrying Ojibwa with a large collection of both golden and bald eagle feathers. I will be processing two whole immature bald eagles in the next couple weeks actually, to turn into bustles, fans, dance sticks and whistles.

  6. Dude… I was just in Alaska at pybus point lodge and I had a grip load of eagle feathers. I forgot to grab them because I almost missed our bush plane back to Juneau… TSA would have crucified me. Thank god I had forgot them. 😬😬😬

  7. Rough start but good way to let the anticipation build.

  8. Way to showcase our state! Nothing like summer in Michigan and the Straits of Mackinac. Great job on edits and can’t wait for another “day in the life” with ARCasting👍

  9. Nice cabin bro! Im jelly lol great video!!

  10. Going good so far, well except for the blowout.

    Nice looking cabin. Nice commentary on the bridge too. Is that from a radio channel or something?


  12. Looks beautiful there, great video!

  13. Sucks you had such a rough start to the trip. Glad it ended up turning around for you

  14. Looks like a awesome time. Cant wait to the next video!

  15. I love how this showcases not just fishing. But something way more. That sucks you got pulled over and it looks like it was a rough start. But I know you destroyed some smallies and enjoyed yourself in the end. Cant wait till the next episode dude. Editing is amazing as always! Cheers!

  16. Shooting you a message on instagram

  17. i dont see you use the antares that much. do you want the met mgl dc? i already have the regular met mgl and i love it.

  18. Love love the editing on this video! Fantastic job! Boy, you had a few hiccups on the start of this trip. Still looks like a great time though. I got an eagle feather a few months ago. I actually rescued an adult eagle that was laying in the road. He'd been hit by a car. I called the wildlife folks and they came out and picked him up. The game warden gave me the tail feather that had fallen out. He told me not to worry about any fines. If anyone asks…. he said to have them call him. Sadly, the eagle did not survive. He had a spinal break and was paralyzed so he was euthanized. Sad day. Still have the feather.

  19. Damn, rough trip, and 2nd day. Looks like it turns around on the next one.

  20. Freaking awesome! Going for Lake Michigan area for smallmouth is on my bucketlist. Awesome editing. You truly do have the best fishing content on YouTube. Cant wait till next episode!

  21. You gonna get the metanium dc and get the Japanese model to save few$

  22. Nothing like getting pulled over first thing on a trip. Haha!

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