Dane calloway is either a liar or just plain dumb

swear I want to post about black women starting business, and black men obtaining law degrees. I wanna talk about black boys winning spelling bees and black …


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  1. Well even if you don’t agree with the information he puts out Dane encourages to do the research yourself even if it is debunked.

  2. I'm 60…When the movie ROOTS came out. My Grandmother remember stories from her Grandmother. She was upset stating that they didn't come here by a ship…WE WERE HERE.

  3. Mr. Munson before you debunk this brother ( Dane Calloway) get your facts oh I am sorry get your truth together. First this good ship Jesus where is it at? What museum? Let us know where this museum is located. Find the documents that said this ship had what and when these voyages was taken place. Oh and they do call them a manifest. Get the truth my brother before you debunk this brother for telling the truth. Do Your Research!!!!!👀👀👀👀.

  4. I'm sorry that you got so many dislikes you your comment section is littered with ignorance people following clear conspiracy theories and obviously people that do not do any type of research that do not believe in science that do not read books and obviously has not research Dane Calloway because people have been debunked in him for almost a year I used to watch this Channel and I like what he was putting out up into the pointy started saying that black people are not African when it's clear when you look at science and our DNA 90 + percent of us on majority African do we have some mixture of Caucasian yes is there some mixture of other racist Hellyeah including Native American but to sit up here and say they were Native American or that we are Aboriginal to America no but there are definitely probably worth some black people here before the whites got here but they will definitely African.

    Rah born, dagger squad, sa neter, jabari ozasai, Y K the truth, and many have exposed not just Dan Calloway in this Aboriginal and not African Theory but they also exposed the Hebrew Israelites claiming that we are not African and let's not forget other groups as well that are trying to claim that we're Asian anything–but African and this is been going on for a while in anyone that feels like black people here in America are not of African descent you're doing exactly what the white supremacist want all of you people in the comment section y'all need to do some research into some unbiased confirmed research there are so many books so much science to prove what we are we all have very little next to nothing to prove that we are Native American and that we are Aboriginal to this country like I said Dan Calloway has been the bunk the Aboriginal we're not from Africa theory that has been debunked just type it in on your YouTube type it in on your Google wherever you want to type it there's more evidence to prove that black in america, germany, france, UK, south america, and the middle east are of african decent…. when y'all start doing in the research patterns of the Africans when they started migrating yes a lot of them migrated all over the damn Earth even including places like Russia but because of DNA evidence that is how they were able to determine that we are descended from that area that that is where we migrated from this is why education is so important and why the education system in America sucks so bad and people have to do research on their own but you got to be careful and watch out for those conspiracy theories you have to be careful and watch out for that biased information and you have to be careful and watch out from authors that are self-taught what degrees from universities that they own and control they put out the information that they want to put out not with the actual facts and the consensus is

  5. Slave ship drawing was proven to be a lie. You might want to do your research more on this.

  6. Stupid man just completely uninformed and just fucking lazy. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH DON'T USE OTHERS MATERIAL! Fucking walrus


  8. Never trust a fast talking person
    They either a agent, or full of shit hiding there immigrant accent.

  9. He is both but his followers are just dumb

  10. You sound like a agent and you must love jesus lmao

  11. Lol you do know he provides facts actual proof of the things he say… You tripping… go researching these things are your own

  12. I don’t see any lies he told…. maybe you wanna see this….take Dane out of the information. Do real research and don’t use Danes work, do your own research…

  13. Are you serious? You Africans lovers……all those people you name…all claim we are aboriginal to the Americas.

  14. both apply to him

  15. Thank you for being logical. And taking the time to seek the real.

  16. I was shocked by your rhetoric. Then I noticed yur pfp🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤨 🦅🥁🏹🐾

  17. Facts conspiracy Bullshyt lol

  18. Dane Calloway is a fraud. He fools simple minded people. You will never see him in an academic setting.

  19. You are giving a personal opinion
    Not truthful facts?!
    I have studied and researched
    His-(trorie's) also corporation's
    That has become known as
    Secret societies lodges that are now currently named college= fraternity or sororities union=orgenizations
    Religious or not there is usually
    Secret initiation/hazeing.etc. with rules also rites
    and a name composed of
    Two or three Greek letters
    Or symbols?!
    A corporation is an investing of
    People of a place with local
    Government thereof and therefore
    Their laws shall bind strangers.
    Premeditated as racial revivals
    They merging as a whole then
    Extremists took over our four father's land and live stock
    From killing or assassinations creating hue-men separatism
    Documentation leaguers.etc
    That have been destroyed or
    Completely revised as a updated
    Version of truthful information
    That has been a major indoctrination since sevnthteenth
    Century..native Americans were
    Last to be allowed too proclaim
    There nationality in 1924
    So stop speaking without any
    Knowledge of how things honestly
    Happened..see through the white washing agendas that is now being exposed in 2019

  20. Dr. Clark once said, so many black historians die broke and lonely. Because ignorant ass black people didn't want to hear, that black s*** look at the black Indians, look at your relatives. Look at how lies are being unveiled, about black American history. Believe what you want to believe, but I know for sure white history ,about black people definitely is a lie. American history filled with lies, a president they can't help from lying, an American citizens that believe a lie over the truth. Not surprising for folks that love to lie.

  21. Bye….FOOLISHA! Don't waste your time listening to this video. Another self hating black man who hates himself. He's been indoctrinated & conditioned to believe he is less than.

    If he did his own research this video would not exist. He's LAZY. Its easily to attack another black person.

  22. Bro you are off records show whites can off them ship's

  23. Why don't you talk about history on your point of view…and state facts? Shame on you for even showing your face on here. You gets NO LOVE HATER YOU ARE….smdh!!…BLACK PEOPLE LIKE YOU….

  24. So just contact him stop trying to joint the me too movement….be a man n hit him up didn't massa teach you right way or wrong way

  25. So let me get this straight , y'all people can't understand that we are native AND they brought slaves. Why is that so hard…. And y'all all are crazy if u absolutely believe white people historical data. They lie!!

  26. Nigga please… you sound stupid as fuck!! And AMERICA IS ONLY 243 YEARS OLD!!! GTFOOH

  27. Why y'all hating on Dane Calloway?. That number of slaves was never true either. I saw a woman in a college lecture break down the slaves brought here. It was less then 200,000 slaves. Dane isn't lying you believing White lies. There was no slave ships.

  28. Dann all the way.where your paperwork and facts.u dont make any sense take your ass back to the country u come from.

  29. As staunchly opposed against ADOS as he is. Too much of his research actually supports ADOS.

    Yes the Native Americans were Black but they still were made slaves. The 1865 Indian Treaty marginalized the Red Indians from the real Black Indians. Thus the real Black Indians, Aboriginals and Copper Colored Negros and Americans were labeled as Negros, Blacks, Slaves, African Americans etc etc

    There is no African in ADOS

  30. Basically what he's doing is…if you really pay attention…He's repeating the story that we were given… the one that we have been conditioned to believe…the one that we have become emotionally attached to and hyped up by the Pan Africans til this day…and that is that we are not Negros but Africans in America brought here as slaves.

    Then he gives you the truth that we are Aborigines but don't want to be called that. That's the real message of his speech. That's why out of all the years that they've played Malcom X's speech on tv, they never played the part where he said "we're aborigines but we don't like to be called that." I dont recall ever hearing that part…🤔

    They didn't want you to hear the real message.😉



  32. You mentioned two old ass videos on Dane's channel. I get it you are against conspiracy theories but why not just set some time aside and talk with Dane Calloway to see where he is at with this information. "Expose" him then.

  33. YOU Plain dumb if you dont spell Your title correct… but I'm with you on Dane… correct your the spelling of your title.

  34. They get the selfhate from their grandparents who also had problems with colorism.

  35. If u were to research you,ll understand Dane's point that there was infact Negroids on America's soil prior to the Native american Mongoloids (Indian) and White skin people

    also Dane is doing a goodjob exposing the white lies and makes some crucial and valid points u should consider lookin into

  36. Malcom X said "we're Aborigines, but we don't like to be called that" later on in his speech. So basically what I gather from his speech is that in order to reach the brainwashed people, he had to go along with the story that most brainwashed Negros have been conditioned to believe…and that is we're not Americans, but Africans in America who were drugged here from across the Atlantic. Smh. As for Martin Luther King, he meant exactly what he said "the Negro finds himself in exile in his own land."

  37. When you get the chance check Jabari Osazi's complete dismantling of Dane Calloway and this Aborigine cult. Also NBK(New Black Knowledge) exposing this fraudulent movement.

  38. Only idiots who are not scientifically literate and who don't research follow Dane Calloway. No matter how many people expose Dane his followers still remain blind idiots.

  39. Instead of attacking your Brother get with him.. Talk to him about your points of view and see what the two of you can discover together. Don't let Mistakes Miscommunication Misunderstanding Misguided opinions Mistreat your Brother….. Sending both of you Love and Light…..

  40. Lmfao with these people with the true moors thing talking bout where are the slave ships lol that’s like saying where are the homes from the 1800s that shit was knocked down and destroyed. But with where are the slave ships thing there’s almost no continent where you can’t find black people aboriginal people are black lol. I feel like people should think

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