FRED – Welcome to Man United – Sublime Skills, Passes, Goals & Assists – 2018 (HD)

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  3. ทำไมย้ายมาแมนยูแล้วฟอร์มมันไม่เหมือนในคลิปวะ ???

  4. He'll perform tonight

  5. I like this video because as a man utd supporter because we don't see this man at all we see static matic

  6. What a waste of 50 million pounds 😁😁😁😁

  7. I find it disgusting how Mourinho keeps picking Fellani every fucking time and leaving Fred on the bench. Fred may not be Xavi or Iniesta but he's a million times better than Fellani. Mourinho out.

  8. Watching this wondering why Man United signed him , considering he is clearly a Pirlo type Dm who depends on movement upfront . He's completely different to the Jose Mourinho style 🤣

  9. Coming soon to join you looking forward to learn a lot

  10. too overrated..he is backups not first eleven.

  11. Imagine how many assists he'd have if his teammates could finish hahah

  12. looks very awkward

  13. Hope he can be the player we are hoping him to be and finally be that last puzzle we needed to breathe life into that midfield.

  14. Class, gonna be great at united

  15. Fred is going to make the premier league challenging for all big teams arsenal Manchester City Chelsea Spurs Liverpool ( difficulty hard ) and Everton and Burnley

  16. They get good scouts from Brazil with great potential!!

  17. We need an out and out and lethal striker; one who is capable of scoring half chances.

  18. I am not impressed, he is a good player but I have seen nothing special about him…

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