Doctors at pains to explain Nikita Sally’s health condition

Nikita Sally Koyier, a student of Alliance girls high school is supposed to be sitting this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations but in the …


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  1. When the role is called up yonder she'll be there

  2. Devil is a liar,may she rest in perfect peace.
    Praying for her dad and brother, it shall be well.

  3. My heart felt condolences. The LORD give her family strength.

  4. its too painful please God give this family peace

  5. Illuminati is real,rest in peace nikita

  6. In Kenyan hospitals, especially the private healthcare. They are more interested in your 200k per day than your health. Rip beautiful Angel

  7. Tafuteni Mngu sana iyo sikifo ya kawainda ata mama arikufa siku kama hiyo watu tafuteni Mngu siku sa mwisho shetani ako kasini ask for the God protection Amen

  8. This is devil attack people we need to be aware let us repent repent Jesus is coming back please

  9. Oh my God in heaven, May your healing hands be upon Nikita .

  10. so paining😓️😓️😓️😓️😓️ rip

  11. R.I.P Nikita so sad…continue soaring with the angels you're one of them

  12. Rest in Peace Nikita Sally Koiyer😭😭😭

  13. Rest in peace young girl

  14. rest in peace Nikita

  15. The Lord giveth and taketh. May the Lord give you strength to overcome the grief, RIP young Girl.

  16. Condolences to the family. Happy to see my former teacher Mrs. Njiru Moi Gals Kamangu.

  17. Why are pipo saying she's dead yet the reporter says she's fighting for her life in ISU? God heal nikita

  18. Rest well baby you're mum is with u

  19. So sorry ,may God give you strength

  20. Where are our thieving pastors who claim to heal the sick? Let them proof here.

  21. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. God why this now😭😭😭😭😭

  23. Mungu awape nguvu aki, so painful, Rip my dear siz

  24. Pole Sana may God give u comfort . It is well..Rip.

  25. Rest in peace Nikita

  26. And now she's gone oooh my GOD may her soul rest in peace 😢😢😢

  27. Rip angle, shine on your way….may God give the entire family strength at this difficult moment

  28. To the family I pray that you find solace in Christ… May the lord see you through this hard time.. For sure She was too pretty and young to die.. Rest easy baby😭😭😭

  29. Praying for the family. RIP Nikita ❤️❤️

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