#1 Team In The NATION VS #4 Hawaii Team! St John Bosco Shows WHY They Are Ranked #1!

1 High School Football Team in the Nation St John Bosco takes on the #4 Ranked Team in Hawaii Mililani! Mililani gets out to a solid start scoring first, but St …


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  1. I couldn’t even imagine how fun it would be to play at one of those power house schools

  2. That yellow team needs to hit the weight room

  3. That intro beat goes hard asf, to bad it’s sold😞

  4. Thank you for score box. So many other highlights miss that

  5. how come St.Louis challenge bosco

  6. is anyone going to talk about 18 making that sweet catch? but then he shushed his own student section.

  7. Relax with the ads bitch

  8. North Shore Mustangs(Houston) can beat either team on a neutral field.

  9. Private schools should have their own ranked bracket if they recruit

  10. Dude Hawaiians number 19 drifted

  11. Hawaii isn’t known for football as much as Texas.. send bosco to our 60 million dollar stadium in Allen Texas. We are number two in the nation but we can still kick them… and plus, we are the only public school in the top 10.

  12. That Hawaii team has a good QB. He has a bright future.

  13. There's gotta be atleast 1 team somewhere who could beat St Johns Bosco

  14. 7:20 u left my mans hanging smh…

  15. St. John bosco vs IMG

  16. That Qb is nice number three on the Hawaiian team… He just needs some weapons around him they defence was trash… On the other hand St Bosco have alot of weapons great defence and a good Qb.. Number 9 was tearing them.. Up miss match all game he hecka tall.. Also if number 9 was out they still had people like number 3 and 2 and even their run game was nice. So overall St Bosco is the better team.

  17. I felt bad for the kid that got hurt he got hit by a kid that has to side swipe

  18. bosco.play hawaii bets team..st louis….millz is ok this year but st louis is on another level too,.private school vs private school, 2 schools that recruit the top players from there state.. that would be a fair game. even though cali is like 100 times bigger than the whole state of hawaii COMBINED. DO THE MATH

  19. How is this team #1 ranked

  20. They gotta play hawaiis top team st louis

  21. That ain’t even the best team in Hawaii

  22. The yellow teams o line can’t block

  23. get more info on that Hawaiian QB he raw asf

  24. You recording is ass you don’t even show the full play show literally a catch

  25. Hawaiian qb resembles tua in terms of iq and style of play

  26. Millilani fucking sucks tho lol play another Hawaii team next time

  27. St. Bosco vs St. Louis

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